Logistics center project will make Kars the center of trade

The logistics center project will make Kars the center of commerce: Kars Caucasian Industry and Businessmen Association (KARSİAD) Chairman Sultan Murat Dereci is' cold 'and' far from the image survey of Kars conducted by Serhat Development Agency (SERKA) in 36 provinces. He said that the result of the conclusion should not be criticized. Dereci stated that Kars stated that it is a warm and close city and said, “I will not criticize the questionnaire. A fact that everyone knows has emerged. Yes, our city is cold and remote, but we can turn it in our favor. ” said.


Referring to Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) and the Logistics Center project, which has turned into an enigma and 99 percent of which is stated to have shifted to Erzurum, Mayor Dereci said, “Even though the Turkish side is not finished, the BTK project and the opening of the Aktaş Border Gate, whatever it is. Although we are not aware of the project until now, the logistics center project will make Kars the center of trade. We are one of the leading provinces of the sector in terms of the last point we have reached in agriculture and animal husbandry. Brand equity with dairy products kazanWe have a Kars cheddar and a goose, which is more than enough to warm our city up and bring it closer.” said.


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