Requests for Signaling on the Roads of the accident

Tostan Requests for Signalization on the roads of accidents: CHP Alaplı District President Hussein Tosun, "In order to prevent accidents in the district to be set at certain points of the radar and signalization system should be installed," he said.
Hüseyin Tosun, CHP Alaplı District President, made examinations along with the parties last week on the road where a 17-year-old Sevilay Tosun lost his life.
Noting that accidents occurred at certain points of the district, Tosun said, yolda In the last week, an accident occurred which led to the death of a young girl. Previously, there were fatal and wounded accidents at the Üçler Petrol site. There are many accidents at the junction of the sea. In order to prevent such accidents, first of all signaling system should be installed at the intersections where there is no signalization. Besides, radar system which shows the speed at certain points should be established. We warn the authorities not to have such accidents and loss of life;



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