Istanbul - Ankara YHT flew housing prices in Pendik

Istanbul - Ankara YHT flew housing prices in Pendik: Istanbul - Ankara High Speed ​​Train created a doping effect on the housing prices in Pendik. Housing prices for sale in the region increased by 40% and rental housing prices increased by 55%. In Pendik, new housing projects are added every day.

Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line (YHT), which reached Pendik on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, increased the demand for housing in the region. He further evaluated the existing apartments for sale and rent. Housing prices for sale in Pendik, the stop of YHT in Istanbul, have increased by 40 percent since last year, and the rental house square meter price has increased by 55 percent. Kadıköy - Construction of the Kartal Metro line also contributed significantly to Pendik's rise in recent months. In addition, the projects carried out in the district located on the coastline also vary. Real estate companies who want to attract white collar to the region are in the race to add value to the residences with their social facilities and transportation facilities.

'Accessible Pendik'
In the last few years in Pendik, it has also changed the way of diversification of transportation facilities, proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport and opening up of many large business and shopping centers in the region. In Pendik, the new favorite of big real estate companies, housing projects are increasing every day. Industrial Development Bank of Turkey Real Estate Appraisal Company Special Projects Department Valuation Expert Barış Can Yıldırımer stated that the development of the rail system line in the region caused an increase in sales and rental prices. Yildirimer continued:
“Considering the scope of Istanbul, there is a distance of Pendik district from the center and transportation difficulties in terms of public transportation. Although the district is between TEM and D-100 Highways, it is located at a distance from the city center. With the development of Metro and High Speed ​​Train in the region, an increase in sales and rental prices occurred. In this sense, we can say that the increase percentages in the housing projects especially done by local contractors in the region are higher. But Kadıköy- With the Kartal Metro line reaching Pendik and opening the 15-stop metro line into Pendik, the price increase is expected to increase. The effect of the high-speed train and the metro, which is one of the current transportation projects, makes itself felt in the region. ”

Choice of families
Pointing out that Pendik's especially Kurtköy, Çamlık and Yenişehir neighborhoods are high preference areas of investors, Yıldırım said that they have seen the rise of sales to families in the studies on the projects in the region.
Yildirimer, the public transport projects planned to be carried out in the region, technopark, proximity to industrial areas such as Gebze and quality housing projects will increase demand even more, he said. Yıldırımer said, geç The increase in prices due to the increase in demand is expected to be more in line with the start of the transportation projects in particular “.

Investor satisfied with the sale
Erguvan Construction Chairman Emre Marasli, Pendik "center" of the east side by drawing attention, YHT, metro, Izmir road, airport, technopark, such as a surprise came together, such structures, he said. Maraşlı, izi Loft Dragos has affected our project very well. We have two new projects here, Kurtköy Avlu and Loft Dragos Maltepe. We can see the difference even when we look at 6 months ago. We think of a few projects, we love the region, the demand is more. A few years ago, we were willing to sell 200 thousand pounds, 380 thousand pounds of output. Here we have customers who profit from 100 and get housing from here. Buradan

New homes on the road
Sales have been completed at Park Royal Evleri Pendik, the fourth largest investment in the region. Özka Ortaklar Construction started a new project after the houses completed in a short time in the project, which is close to the metro and high-speed train. Sales are about to be completed in one of the 5 blocks in the housing project, which is also on the regional line, and which is in the newly started project. Özka Ortaklar Construction Sales Manager Seda Durna stated that the Metro line will be extended to Pendik and the demand is constantly increasing in Pendik, the last stop of Istanbul - Ankara YHT. Durna said, “The development in the region continues unceasingly. There are much better housing projects compared to the past. We especially feel the effects of the high-speed train line. ”

Gar district will turn into
Pendik Mayor Kenan Şahin stated that Pendik has received serious public investments in the recent period and said that the interest in the district increased with increasing accessibility. 5 5 floor increases in land and housing prices per square meter of Sahin said, konut Many more projects will be done. YHT has turned Pendik into a center of attraction. We will be working on transformation in YHT station. 300 is an area of ​​acreage. Sahin, stating that the new city hall will be done in the gar district, the Ministry is expected to be approved.

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