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TCDD computerized ticket sales point
TCDD computerized ticket sales point

Ankara Istanbul YHT tickets are cheaper than water: low-cost tickets on the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line are available for 35. In Ankara-Istanbul YHT, discounted tickets were introduced as in the aircraft. Cheap tickets are available for sale from 35 lira.

TCDD General Directorate, as in the high-speed train, such as aircrafts, reduced ticket application. Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) line tickets were offered for sale at 35 liras.


Inaugurated 25 started in Ankara on July in Qatar. The travel time between Ankara and Istanbul was reduced to 3,5 hours and the tickets were offered for 4 types, including business plus, business, economy plus and economy, in the 3 category.

The price of the ticket (exchange and non-refundable) is 35 lira, the standard ticket price is 35-70 and the flexible ticket (change and refund) price is determined as 84 lira.

Food and beverage catering business plus plus prices in economy plus categories will change from 50 to 113 lira.

Cheap tickets will be sold from the internet address of TCDD on mobile phones and from the kiosks in the network.

Ticket prices for Ankara-Istanbul line are free for 7 under age, 7 for 12-35 for children, 65 for 35 and 55 for students.

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