Wall shopkeepers in YHT station in Ankara also rebelled

The wall shopkeepers in Ankara YHT Station also rebelled: The wall, which increased the distance of the 20 step at the High Speed ​​Train Station, which came up with the headline at the high speed, brought the shopkeepers to the point of rebellion. For the wall, the tradesmen who simulated the ül death advertisement iler: kili This wall was built between us and the customers. Duvar

During the construction work at the High Speed ​​Train Station and on the wall where the distance to the 20 step was increased to one kilometer, Ankara Hurriyet reported that ye Because of the construction of the New HV Garage, gar Ulus underpass connection is closed çalış was hung.
City residents complaining that the warning letter was inadequate and wrong, adım There is no warning until it comes to the concrete-covered underpass, the authorities are probably making fun of us by writing this wall and hanging on the 20 step by step to reach the Gar. A warning letter will not be enough to solve the problem. The only solution to this problem is the opening of the concrete covered wall. Bu


Expressing that the wall built during the construction work at the High Speed ​​Train Station affected the market shopkeepers who were deprived of care for years, Tandoğan Çarşı Management President İsmail Ceki said, ası They built escalators at the entrance of Çarşı and built a wall on the exit. 79 tradesmen will collect a petition and complain to the Metropolitan Municipality X. Citizen pass through the Tandoğan Covered Bazaar, the historic Ankara Railway Station, which was built before the arrival of their own death warrant voicing Ceki continued as follows:


Uz We have been suffering for years. At the end of all our objections, they made escalators, but it did not work. When we put a wall problem on the other side, we ended up with hope. They built a wall with us. We are not confronted with an official. The questions we ask remain unanswered. Even in the 15 days we have to answer in writing, even written applications have been six. We can't pay our rent, we can't find a customer. They left us alone with nothing. Bizi

'Airplane' model on high-speed train ticket

TCDD General Directorate, as in the high-speed train, such as aircrafts, reduced ticket application. The travel time between Ankara and Istanbul was reduced to 3,5 hours and the tickets were offered for 4 types, including business plus, business, economy plus and economy, in the 3 category. The price of the ticket (exchange and non-refundable) is 35 lira, the standard ticket price is 35-70 and the flexible ticket (change and refund) price is determined as 84 lira. Food and beverage catering business plus plus prices in economy plus categories will change from 50 to 113 lira. Cheap tickets will be sold from the internet address of TCDD on mobile phones and from the kiosks in the network.
Ticket prices for Ankara-Istanbul line are free for 7 under age, 7 for 12-35 for children, 65 for 35 and 55 for students.

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