Half-Hour Work on the Highway of Temu Formed a 15 Kilometer Tail

Half-hour Work on the Highway of the Highway Formed an 15 Kilometry Tail: A half-hour repair work in the tunnel by the highways teams on the İzmit-Gültepe ramp of the TEM highway led to the formation of a 15 road car tail.
Highways teams stopped the repair work for the day when the density of the highway increased.
General Directorate of Highways Kocaeli Highway Maintenance and Operation teams started cleaning the signaling lamps and marking on the road at 09.00 in the tunnel on the Gültepe ramp in the north direction of Istanbul. As soon as the work started, traffic in the direction of Istanbul came to a halt. The teams, who worked for about half an hour, stopped working when they saw long queues formed on the TEM highway.
Highways teams will continue to work after midnight.


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