TCDD made a second statement of İZBAN

TCDD made a second statement of İZBAN: The press statement of our organization yesterday about İZBAN was announced as “TCDD does not want passengers CD and un funny reason: TCDD does not want to transfer CD in some media.

The main task of TCDD is to carry freight and passenger transportation; It is not possible for TCDD not to require passengers.

Train planning is carried out within the framework of the demand and planning of which train to go.

TCDD does not operate according to the headings with different intentions and with the aim of creating a perception, and operates according to its defined task.

On the 11 August 2014 statement is as follows:

In the last days, there are news about İZBAN mainly in İzmir press. It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.

İZBAN is one of the most unique projects realized not only in our country, but also in the rail system in the world by rail management, local administration and central government. TCDD has made the road infrastructure suitable for modern suburban operation and has defined İZBAN's expansion as a policy and has been put into practice. As stated in the news, the rail and signaling are not made by the Municipality; Made by TCDD. TCDD also renewed. The demand and need of the public transport of the rail system of the people of Izmir has been accepted as the primary need by TCDD.

The experience of suburban operation over half a century of our company was shared with the local government through the establishment of İZBAN AŞ, and the national train network was introduced to the urban rail system. The first task of TCDD is to perform all kinds of train operations in the national railway network. The application of giving up for one of the cargo, passenger, regional or suburban operations for the other means that the TCDD does not perform its duty. If a national and regional train is not run in Izmir, the same demand is for example Ankara, Istanbul, Manisa, Konya, Aydin, Adana etc. will also come up in the provinces, TCDD national network will be able to run the train; thus he will be unable to do his duty. In summary, there is no applicability of the subject matter in the news. In addition, regional trains departing and arriving in Izmir and national train passengers do not want to transfer, they want their trains to reach the city center.

On the other hand, in the feasibility study conducted by the IMM before the start of the project, it is foreseen to run a train every 2015 in the 2020-12 minute. This prediction has reached the 2013 minute train range in 10. TCDD makes necessary preparations to run a train every three minutes. Since its inception, TCDD has been devoid of any self-sacrifice for the establishment, regular operation and expansion of the Izmir urban rail system.

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