Rail was also taken into law

Railways were also taken into law: According to the bag offered by AK Party Denizli Deputy Mehmet Yüksek, external financing could be provided by allocating TCDD to its projects in the 2014-2018 Year investment program.

According to the proposal submitted by the AK Party Denizli deputy Mehmet Yüksek, the loans to be provided by the TC as a debtor from any external finance source for the financing of the projects of the General Directorate of State Railways in the 2014-2018 years investment programs, TCDD's budget income and expenses the ministries shall be authorized upon the proposal of the minister to allocate unreportedly, without being associated with the items. TCDD is still unable to provide external financing through lending or guarantee because its financial structure is not suitable. With the regulation, TCDD's high-speed train projects, especially those projects that require large financing, are opened to provide external credit facilities.

According to the other clauses in the proposal, amendments to the decree law regarding the Ministry of Transport are made possible and expert appraisal can be made in cases of accidents. Accordingly, lendir Accident Investigation and Review Board, if necessary in the case of special expertise or technical knowledge that requires expert expertise in accident investigations and examinations. The procedures and principles regarding the appointment of the expert and the amount of the fee to be paid to them will be determined by the ministry on the appropriate opinion of the Ministry of Finance.

The provisions of the Municipal Revenue Law shall not apply to the offices of the Postal and Telegraph Organization Company. With the amendment made in the Municipality Law, municipalities are given the authority to open higher education dormitories besides the youth sports facility. With the reservoir area in the Sakarya Kocaali district and the areas in the absolute protection zone, the areas removed from the forest border in order to ensure the occupation of the people will be registered and transferred to the Presidency of TOKI.



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