Long distance discount for OV card users

Long-distance discount for OV card users: News from OV card users on tram, subway, bus and trains came. This app will please especially long distance passengers.

Public transport companies, passenger rights protection organization and government officials from the NOVB (National OV negotiations) formed by a statement on Monday, ov card long distance passengers traveling with a card will be given discount.

According to this application, which is called as long distance discount, problems in this area have been solved and those traveling with ov chip cards can get discounts.

The tickets for the OV cards and the tickets of NS, Veolia and Arriva were adapted to the prices of the tickets.

According to the statement, this discount will be applied for distances of at least 40 kilometers. The amount of discount will be increased according to the length of the distance to be exceeded.

The new app is scheduled to be processed on Wednesday this week.

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