Giant projects 10 will provide work to a thousand households

Giant projects will provide jobs for 10 thousand households: 3. After the Bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway, the 3rd Airport is also started. Thanks to government investments, thousands of people have been employed. The number of employees, which is 5 thousand 500, will increase to 10 thousand.

Thanks to the government-led projects, thousands of people have been created. 3. The Bridge and North Marmara Motorway Project created a great employment resource for the sector, in addition to its internationally acclaimed architectural and design success. As of July, the number of employees in the project will reach approximately 5 thousand people. 500 airport construction in the coming days will begin construction in the first place will be close to a thousand workers. When the construction goes full capacity, this figure will reach 8 thousand.


  1. While the rise of the towers continues in the Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway project, the works within the connecting beams of the towers continue at full speed. The permanent beam works of the bridge have been completed. Pointing out that the number of employees will increase with the increase in the intensity of work, ICA Personnel Manager Özgür Kaya said, “In the first place, we started with about 100 people. Our number has increased with each passing day. Apart from the bridge, we have a 115-kilometer highway project. In this road project, as the viaducts, other art structures were built and as the expropriations were completed, new fields were opened. Opening every new field means new employees. Apart from Garipçe, we have road construction sites in Odayeri and Hüseyinli and additional bridge construction sites in Poyrazköy. In the course of the project, approximately 8 thousand people are planned to work simultaneously along the route. As of July, the highest point in terms of work will be reached ”.


  1. As the towers and towers of the North Marmara Motorway project continue to rise, the works within the connecting beams of the towers continue at full speed. The permanent beam work of the bridge is completed. . Permanent beam starts at 61 meters and ends at 71 meters. The concrete was completed in four stages. 24 hours worked. During the day and night shift, 100 worked for this job. At the moment, the reverse process is in progress. After completion of the post-tensioning process, the removal of the giant scaffold under the permanent beam will begin. When the project starts working at full capacity, 10 will enter the home of a thousand families Proje.


ICA Personnel Manager Özgür Kaya said, “Our total number is approximately 5 people at the moment. Of course, the number of people working in the field changes according to the weather conditions. For example, in rainy weather, there is a decrease in the number of employees because the field conditions are not suitable. "We currently have about 500 thousand 5 employees working under this project."


Bridge construction coming to Turkey to see the world renowned Swiss Engineering Company pillets delegation 3. Bridge visited the construction site. 3 to the delegation. The design of the Bridge Project was informed by RobertoSorge. The team then left the construction site.

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