24-hour work at the Third Bridge

24-hour work at the Third Bridge: The construction of the Northern Marmara Motorway, which includes the third bridge, continues rapidly. In the highway construction, the work ends in the evening, but the construction of the bridge takes 24 hours without interruption.

Bridge construction has changed the region's life. The construction that divides the Northern Forests into two is frequented by technical faculty and peasants. While students make a school trip at the construction site, the inhabitants of Rumeli Feneri village walk up to where they can see the bridge every day. They expect the bridge to open and the villages to gain value.

At the point where the Bosphorus Strait connects to the Black Sea, the carrier towers that reach 210 meter height continue to rise. The sounds of birds from the jungle are mixed with sound from the towers all night long. Giant construction comes up in the first light of the morning. 40 workers are working at each construction site which is located at the most extreme points of the bridge feet. 8-9 hour working day workers, just down at the time of dinner. The feet of the bridge that will rise to 320 meters will be completed after 4 months. The anchor boxes where the ropes that will carry the bridge are placed will be placed. The largest of the anchor boxes for fixing skewed suspension ropes to towers will be about 11 meters high and will be heavier than 61 tones. There will be a total of 88 anchor boxes on both sides.

Highway construction starts after 8 in the morning. Hundreds of thousands of trees are cut in the field of viaduct and tunnel construction continues. The highway 4 will be the new route of heavy-duty trucks to reduce the traffic load of Istanbul and will cost a year and a half. 115,9 mileage, motorway and connection roads 48,3 to 164,3 mileage, 490 to reach the total mileage in the project 65 thousand acres of road corridor area will be created. There are seven tunnels built in the 29 viaduct. An ecological bridge will be built for the passage of animals in the forest where wild life continues. 2013 May 29'ta laid the foundation of the project, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's contractor company officials according to the bargaining is expected to be completed at 2015 May 2015. But it seems that October will not be opened before XNUMX.

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