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The train went between the farmer and his farm: Forbidden through the underpass, forbidden through the overpass. How are we going to spend our animals? ”These words belong to the victims of the High Speed ​​Train line in Konya.

The High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, which passes through some villages where agriculture and animal husbandry is done, causes various problems in the economic and social order of the local people. YHT separating the settlement and the fields and pastures from each other, the upper and lower passages are not made to the villager is harassed. The people cannot pass their animals to the other side of the rails and face great difficulties in crossing the agricultural vehicles. There was a significant reduction in pastures with the excavation of excavations during the construction. The inhabitants of Sarıkaya, Çayırbaşı and Örnek village of Kadınhanı district of Konya have been separated from their fields and pastures by passing through the villages of YHT.

YHT's Ankara-Konya line passes through important agricultural and livestock fields of the country. Upper and lower passages were constructed in order to affect the life of the local people at the minimum level of YHT. However, the public cannot meet their needs because of the faults of these gates.

'Animal and human passage is forbidden'

Sarıkaya and Örnek villages have been separated from their fields and pastures for about five years. Villagers say that 70 percent of their fields and pastures are on the other side of the railway. An overpass was built connecting the village to the opposite side of the railway, but only motor vehicles can use it. The gendarmerie does not allow cattle to use this highway because it is a highway. The absence of pavement for pedestrians invites traffic accidents. Village people sözcüMehmet Akbaş did not leave the door for three years to explain his problems. The people of the village state that the overpass was not built in accordance with the width standards set by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Therefore, the road falls into a single lane during the passage of agricultural machinery and it is not possible for vehicles coming from the opposite direction to cross the road.

Three villages, two highlands and pastures in the middle of the train line in the middle of the pedestrian and an underpass for animals, but the ground level is very low as a result of the rain water in the passageway to the water level is two meters from time to time. As such, the State Railways hung a plate on the lower passage without calling the jokes: olun Attention! It is made for the passage of water, and it is forbidden to pass on animals and animals. Where's the water going? Where is our underpass? Iyor Derviş Güven, who earns his livelihood by doing livestock, sums up their troubles as follows: im Passing through the underpass is prohibited. How are we going to cross our animals? How will we get to our farm? Tar

Sheep was lamb does not

Village people, the flock of sheep on the other side of the train to pass the other side of the water accumulated in the lower passage of their own means. However, it is not possible to reset the water level. The sheep are knee-deep in water, and the shepherds jump off the wires to cross the street. Osman Sarikaya, an animal breeder in the village, explains that animals passing through the water get sick: aland The animal with lamb in the belly is throwing lamb, milk is milked from milk. Köy

Excavations in the construction works on the route that the High Speed ​​Train will pass through the pastures have been poured into the pastures although it is prohibited in some places. In the middle of the village of Sarikaya approximately 30 decanter poured into the pasture of the excavation of the 'this pesses' so much that makes. Peasants, thousands of tons of excavation in the middle of the village is almost a hill is complaining that the hill.


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