Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line will be launched in 2017

Sivas and Ankara will enter service in 2017 High Speed ​​Train Line: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Undersecretary Habib pale, "In the 2023, Turkey in general we aim to 37 thousand 500 kilometers of divided highway," he said.
Soluk, Sivas, a wedding hall located in the town of Susehri in his speech in the program, Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications gave information about the investments in the Ministry.
Referring to the fact that many firsts took place during the period of their power, ud 11 has taken the whole of our bodies under the control of all the risks and we have done these services. We are doing highway, airway and seaway. Karayolu
Soluk expressed that they want to make their way to the hearts of these works by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, under the leadership of the public, stating that they offer, said:
"In the 2023, Turkey in general we aim to 37 500 thousand kilometers of divided highway. 11 years ago in Turkey, including highways, we had 6 101 thousand kilometers of divided way, taking advantage of our province divided road 6. Now 17 has a thousand kilometers of divided road and these roads connect our province of 75. In other words, in the absence of the road, Ferhat could not reach Sirin, but our ministry exceeded this love by penetrating the mountains. Turkey in March 13 2009 met a milatl. This is the start of the Ankara-Eskişehir high-speed train. This project Turkey, xnumx'inc in the world, it was xnumx'nc countries that use the high-speed trains in Europe. This is a milestone, a great event. Within the scope of these works, the Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line is projected in 8 and the works are continued in full speed in 6. Hopefully, the High Speed ​​Train line will be put into service in 2007. İn
Pale, that the century Marmaray project, 11 50 years ago kilometer long tunnel in Turkey, said that now the 217 kilometer tunnel.
AK Party Sivas deputy Ali Turan 11 years during the period of large-scale projects and investments were made, Sivas benefited from them said.
The meeting was attended by Kadir Perçi, the Governor of Susehri.

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