The price of real estate in the historical peninsula is increasing

The price of real estate in the historical peninsula is increasing: Projects such as Marmaray and Salıpazarı Cruise Port have brought the square meter prices in the Historical Peninsula to the levels of 5 bin 500.

1562 hectares, surrounded by the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus, continues to increase the price of real estate in the Historic Peninsula. The region, also called Suriçi, has attracted a large number of tourism investments in recent years, the realization of the new Marmaray Project, the pedestrianization works in the region, the Pazarpazarı Cruise Port Project in Karaköy, and the conversion of the Historical Haliç Shipyards to the marina. carrying. These developments increased the sales price of buildings within the last 2 year by 50. In the Eminönü-Sirkeci region, the square meter sales prices of the buildings are in the 2 bin 500 - 5 bin 500 dollar range, while in the Sultanahmet area, the square meter prices go up to the levels of 3 bin - 5 bin 500. The 1562 hectare peninsula, which adorns many investors' dreams of making a hotel, attracts attention in terms of being the region where Istanbul was first established and being the region that attracts most tourists to Istanbul.

Laleli and Sirkeci districts re-opened hotels

An important part of the historic peninsula is located in the Eminonu district. Four and five star facilities, such as Ordu Avenue, Millet Street and Vatan Street, are generally located on the main transportation arteries of the region, while Sultanahmet, Cankurtaran districts are among the preferred areas of 4 and 5 facilities. These neighborhoods are one, two and three-star hotels and hostels, as well as restaurants, tourist goods, such as selling areas of interest is noteworthy. In the past years, Laleli and Sirkeci districts, where the hotels are located, have also started to take place in the accommodation investments again.

Price per square meter is also increasing

TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Appraisal Special Projects Department Specialist Duygu Bircan stated that the prices in the region have a wide range according to the location of the real estate, its proximity to the hotels and especially its distance to Sultanahmet Square. As the size of the building grows, the number of stars in the hotel is increasing, the area of ​​the building area grows as the unit square meter price is not seen in the occurrence of a very low Bircan noted, rastlan Looking at the overall change in the region, 2 sales price of the year 50 is seen in real estate, where the increase is seen in the rate of ın said.

Three-way transportation will increase attractiveness

With the realization of the Marmaray Project, the old business inns in Sirkeci and its vicinity and the shops located on the street are expected to have a very significant increase in the prices of rent and sale. Bircan made the following evaluation: han One of the important sales realized in the region is the tender that was held in 2010. The right of usurpation of the Hyatt Regancy Hotel to 21 with a period of one year 208 million TL is transferred to Göktrans Turizm AŞ. The hotel in question stands on 14 thousand 793 square meters, with 360 rooms. Söz

The location supported by the highway, sea and rail systems will continue to increase the attractiveness of the new transportation projects Bircan, "In the coming period, the region is expected to continue to shine as a region of hotels with the tourism identity wins," he said. Bircan noted that the problem of trust in the vicinity of the city walls was tried to be eliminated with the new identity and that the historical peninsula would increase its popularity with new investments.

57 hosts the neighborhood

Eminonu was a municipality alone until 2009 and was connected to Fatih after this date. Fatih District, which is called the Historic Peninsula, is located on the southeastern end of the Çatalca Peninsula. To the north are the Golden Horn and Beyoglu, the east of the Bosphorus to the east, the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south, the Zeytinburnu, Bayrampaşa and Eyüp districts to the west. Historical Peninsula Ayvansaray District, Balat, Cibali, Cankurtaran, Sultanahmet, Small Hagia Sophia, Şehsuvarbey, Muhsine Hatun, Nişanca, Katip November, Aksaray, Cerrahpaşa, Kocamustafapaşa, Yedikule, Topkapı, Karagümrük as well as the 57 neighborhood.

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