Accidental Damaged Sheet Damages Trolley

The Overturned Plate Damaged the Tram: In Gaziantep, the light commercial vehicle whose driver lost control of the steering crashed into the roadside traffic jam. The plate falling on the tram rails caused the tram in motion to malfunction.

The accident occurred in the evening on Zübeyde Hanım Boulevard. According to the claim; The light commercial vehicle with 18 LE 47 license plate, under the management of Fatih Tüm, 773 years old, got out of control and hit the roadside warning sign. Vatman, who did not notice the traffic sign falling on the rails due to the impact, was damaged by the tramway and the tramway road when the tram passed over the plate.

The police, who came to the scene with the notice of the accident, provided the environmental safety, while the Metropolitan Beyediyesi teams resolved the malfunction in the tram and its line, which was broken with 30 minutes of work. An investigation has been launched into the accident in which Sürücü Büten was taken to the Police Station to take his statement.



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