Public transportation training was given to children in Kocaeli


After the commencement of the Akçaray Tram Line as of August, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. Has started a number of awareness raising activities to instill the rail system cult to the people of Kocaeli. Having started awareness raising activities with the children in the first place, the TransportationPark team implemented the Öğren We Learn Public Transportation Rules ”project. In this context, all primary and secondary schools, including the tram route, are visited in cooperation with Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education and trainings are provided.


In the trainings, students are informed about the rules to be followed for the safer use of public transportation and the benefits of public transportation to the city, the environment and the national economy. The children are watched by the videos of the incidents that attracted their attention and the information taught is reinforced. Ulascan, the mascot of UlasPark AS, was also handed out a booklet and a badge explaining the importance and rules of public transport. In order to settle the rail system culture in Kocaeli, educational activities will continue in different schools in the coming days.


The first example of the study took place at Atatürk Secondary School. Access to EducationPark General Manager Mehmet Yasin Özlü, Deputy General Manager Zafer Aydın, National Education Directorate Basic Education Branch Manager İmdat Akbaba, Atatürk Secondary School Director Nevzat Aktaş, teachers and students attended. What is public transportation in the trainings of Trainer Ramazan Doğan in Atatürk Middle School Conference Hall? Benefits of using urban transport, what to pay attention to while traveling in urban public transport, what should be done for life safety in Kocaeli card, tram platforms, what to do to prevent accidents, elderly disabled, sick, pregnant and children with passengers should be included topics were supported by screws.

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