BTSOdan Rail System Support

Support to BTSO Rail System: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Board Member Cüneyt Şener said that they aim to turn Bursa into a technology and production base with the ülen Rail Systems Clustering C carried out by BTSO.

Clustering studies, one of BTSO's 16 macro projects, continue to prepare the business world for 2023 year by gathering the sectors under one roof. Speaking at the meeting of the Rail Systems Cluster BTSO Assembly President Remzi Topuk, Bursa Business World by the Rail Systems Clustering Project is proud of the ownership, stating that, elen This is our enthusiasm. We trust Bursa business world to the end. We started this period with a new vision as BTSO. We also attach great importance to the Rail Systems Cluster study. Our biggest supporter is our business world and their trust. Bizim

Cüneyt Şener, Board Member of BTSO, stated that the clustering works are continuing. He said that the clustering activities will make a significant contribution to the achievement of the 2023 billion dollar export target of 75 in XNUMX. Noting that the rail systems in Turkey is a very important investment and production potential of the market Sener, "Bursa, Turkey, with attention brought to the knowledge of having produced the first tram. The project 'Establishment and development of Bursa Rail Transport Systems Cooperation and Clustering Platform' continues. In this context, we have applied for the first call of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology's clustering support program for the first time in December with the Teknoloji Rail System Set Project Bu.


especially automotive and machinery manufacturing areas of knowledge and experience of established industrial companies in Bursa, rail systems Sener said they wanted to transfer to the industry, "Rail Bursa with System Cluster in Turkey, and aims to become close to the geography of technology and manufacturing base. This is a huge gain for Bursa. We also created our BTSO rail systems with our clustering study of our Republic 100. We are moving towards the big goal on the anniversary of the company. kuruluş

Attending the meeting Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding said, herkes Everyone should do their part in rail systems. We must bring this business to Bursa. We must support this cluster movement of the BTSO everywhere and in every way. We should put forward the name of Bursa everywhere ”.

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