Lyrboton Kome Ancient City Accessible by Rail

Mayor of Kepez Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, who attended the opening ceremony of the ancient city of Lyrboton Kome, 3. When the Phase Rail System Project is completed, the tourists descending to the airport can take the rail system and visit the ancient city.

Under the leadership of Kepez Municipality, with the cooperation of Antalya Museum and Akdeniz University, 4 will open its doors to the opening of the ancient city; Münir Karaloğlu, Antalya Governor, AK Party Antalya deputies Mustafa Köse and Kemal Çelik, Kepez Governor Hamdullah Suphi Özgödek, Mayor Menderes Türel, Mayor of Kepez Hakan Tütüncü, Culture Director of the City İbrahim Acar, Museum Director Mustafa Demirel, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Çevik and visitors attended.

Çevik, ac We will protect our history Çev

The opening speech of the ancient city of Akdeniz University Archeology Department. Dr. Nevzat Agile made. 2 bin 200 Prof.Dr. Agile, the city was founded by a woman named Arete, olives and olive oil told how the journey to history. Cevik thanked the Mayor of Kepez Hakan Tütüncü and said, K We will take our inheritance together. We have to protect it and keep it to our future. Kor

Tütüncü, X 4 is the product of annual work T

The Union of Mediterranean Municipalities and the Mayor of Kepez, Hakan Tütüncü, 2200 annually date Lyrboton Kome Ancient City 1. said that they were in the happiness of having completed the stage. President Tütüncü stated that they are aware of the existence of the ancient city in 2011-2012, UM How can we own this place first? How can we claim this heritage? We are in search of how we can present this culture to Antalya tourism. In front of the 2014 elections, as a result of our consultation with the Metropolitan Mayor, we had to bring our people into a beautiful archeopark. After the elections, we started the implementation process of Lyrboton Kome. Seçim

'We didn't know where to enter'

Expressing his first discovery at Lyrboton Kome, President Tütüncü said, de We came to the ancient city after a strong rain. We didn't know where to get in. There was no road. Plant pollution on top, under the bushes, the history behind us was hidden. We've worked hard. About 4 has been a great effort, effort and effort to reveal this historical heritage for years. Today, we reached the point of this city with the outline of the bazaar, temples, houses, olive workshops with the excavation of all of them have been brought to the surface. 2 is the promotion center that will bring these workshops to life as restoration and renovation. As the stage, we organize an archeopark. " said.

History journey of olives

Referring to the fact that the history books are a very important plant of olives, President Tütüncü said, T Olive is also a sacred fruit that has been sworn on holy books. When we look at how humanity meets olive on earth; On the Lebanon and Syria sides, it shows that olives are learned by humanity. The story of olives in Antalya is much larger. Humanity didn't learn olive as a food first and saw it as a plant to produce fuel. He removed the oil, burned in the lamps lit up. While removing the olive oil, in fact, the dough can be used in the defense has seen an element. Mancidity also burned, threw on the enemy. What stories do we dig up. Antalya has more deep history than olives in olive, then we have to turn this city into an archeological park. We thought that we should talk about the journey of olive in the Mediterranean and part of Antalya in a much better way. Eyt

The Museum of Olive is coming to DokumaPark

Mayor Tütüncü, who stated that this journey of olives should be explained in a more sheltered place, continued his speech by giving a good news. Mayor Tütüncü, yap We need to make a beautiful olive museum to shed light on our history. In the 2019 mainstreamed into our gains we have achieved here in Turkey's most beautiful dokumapark 'will open the Olive Museum. The Olive Museum will complete the olive museum. There will also be a way to contribute to tourism. I would like to thank our Mayor Menderes Türel for her support and contribution. The most important contribution of this ancient city to the city, to be visited by the city, to be seen, the most important contribution to the point of becoming more knowable here; antaya'nınxnumx. There will be a stanley line. It will also facilitate transportation. Lyrboton Kome will meet with Antalya in a very different way. In the ancient city, 3. The stage will be an archaeological work and our visitors will come here. “He said.

Türel, l Thanks to those who contributed Tür

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, "Every corner of the history of this richness of our city is a new excitement to be added to the excitement." He said. President Türel, this valuable work put forward Professor. Dr. Nevzat Çevik thanked Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü and Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu for their support. 2 bin 200 President Türel, stating that an annual history stands behind everything and everything despite everything, said: Tür Despite such a history, the ancient city, where many of us have not even been informed, embraces us with all its glory. We need to be aware that we are witnessing a historical event while revealing a work under history. Hakan president put this ancient city into the service of cultural tourism, Kepez'e will also gain a tourism identity will be one of the steps of the most important work is taking.

Labor is his, idea is his

Ler Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü'nun cultural and artistic opening ceremonies are no longer difficult to say that I'm saying it is a place to continue, ine said President Turel, ve every week a culture, an art opening. From DokumaPark, Hababam Museum, Amir Ateş Neighborhood House and an opening to support cultural tourism. Although such work is not the main task of the municipality, the importance given to our history, the region will provide the importance of our citizens very clearly understood, entrusted to us by saying to our children, we will develop a sense of historical ownership. The historic town stands behind us with all its splendor. The black paints that we see on those walls are a brand of our hearts. It breaks our heart. Our people should especially take care of these places. Good banishes evil. We may not have been able to hold on to this day. These studies will contribute to the development of this consciousness. The idea of ​​bringing Lyrboton Kome to tourism was a shared dream with Hakan Tütüncü. Today we are proud to have gained tourism. Labor is his, the idea is his, we support all of us. “He said.

We would talk asphalt in kepez

Noting the point that Kepez came from, President Türel said, üne We talked about asphalt until Kepez yesterday, we talked about infrastructure, we talked about sewage, we talked about the night. We never talk about them at Kepez today. 'Kepez Antalya's back garden, not the front garden' we said. These studies show this. These days, even a day of labor, patience-based work, even a day of labor is needed for a day of labor. "said.

That tourist will come here

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akif Ersoy example of the continuation of his speech President Türel, 'Print the place saying the passing of the diagnosis', we will not touch the ground we will recognize, we will recognize. We'il feel how rich we are. Although Lyrboton Kome was intertwined for many years, unfortunately, it was a richness that we could not discover. In the imagination book and in the pamphlets during the election, most did not believe. Here's what we call dreams come true. It's no coincidence that we're bringing the 3. When we provide a free shuttle service, a tourist descending from the airport will arrive at Lyrboton Kome. That tourist will be here. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project. E

Çelik, endiril Local authorities should be authorized Çelik

AK Party Antalya deputy Kemal Celik history and culture in the history of the historical areas should no longer have a primary duty in local government, emphasizing the need to benefit from income. Referring to the fact that late in this regard Deputy Steel, “local governments should be authorized in this regard, as well as income should provide. There are thousands of undiscovered places in Antalya. It should be transferred to local governments. Let us further empower local governments in tourism and culture. Turizm

Karaloğlu, üzerinde We live on a great wealth Kar

The Governor of Antalya, Münir Karaloğlu, started his speech by saying that the opening speech of Lyrboton Kome, founded 2 bin 200 years ago, would be unfair to Arete. 2 bin 200 Governor Karaloğlu said that the city should be called a new beginning a year ago. My Lord has bestowed upon this city all the blessings. Look at the history, look at the nature, look at the culture, look at the sea. We live on a great wealth. We are the custodian of these values ​​left before us. We have an obligation to watch these values ​​and to transfer them to future generations. “He said.

Thanks to virtuous presidents

Stating that he visited almost all the ancient cities of Antalya, Karaloğlu was very surprised when he heard that Lyrboton Kome was going to be opened in Kepez and he was very angry with him. Stating that Antalya is the only city with the most ancient cities and ancient theater in the world and that Lyrboton Kome was founded by a woman named Arete, Governor Karaloğlu said, tek He founded this city with a woman named Arete. 1950 years later the president of the virtuous mayors Menderes Turel and Hakan Tütüncü re-raised this city. It is necessary to thank the two virtues. It's a virtue. I congratulate the president of Hakan for this virtue. Bu
After the opening speeches, the historic city was visited with ribbon cutting. Visitors were served tea and bagel.



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