Pilot Super Sport Michelin Support for Volvo's Fastest Car Polestar

Michelin, one of the world's largest tire manufacturers, provides original equipment support to the new Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar with Pilot Super Sport. Polestar, Volvo's vehicle, which will be on sale on four continents as of June, will be equipped with 245/35 R 20 MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport ultra-high performance tires.

With its experience in the automobile industry with the experience of close to 100 years, Volvo is the fastest serial production vehicle ever released by Polestar. filling. High performance tire industry successes such as Le Mans 350, WRC, and Michelin's three technologies have been proven in international races. Pilot Super Sport meets the high performance requirements of the Chinese manufacturer's fastest vehicle.

Volvo Project Manager Henrick Fries, 'Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, the new S60 and V60 models will be released in the very best we meet our expectations and meets the highest expectations.' 'He said. Michel The Michelin Pilot Super Sport combines excellent wet and dry handling with safety and durability. The pilot Super Sport, which we developed thanks to our basic strategy, Michelin Total Performance, offers exactly the combination that Volvo wants to offer in new cars. Temel

Unique harmony of three technologies

Michelin Pilot Super Sport three unique technology; The Twaron belt combines the dual component technology and the variable contact surface 2.0 to create a difference with high performance. Twaron belt technology, which is powerful and lightweight and is five times more resistant than steel, allows the tire pressure to be evenly distributed thanks to its variable voltage.

Thanks to its dual-component technology, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, with different rubber components on the right and left sides of the tire, gives the driver a more durable tire life with the outer sidewalls and a better grip on the wet roads. Thanks to the variable Contact Surface 2.0, it helps the driver control the vehicle by changing the shape according to the driving conditions.

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