All Details of Kemalpaşa Logistics Village Project

Although Kemalpaşa Logistics Village has a highway and railway connection, 320, which is the production center of Aegean Region, is located next to Kemalpaşa Organized Industry, where most of the companies operate. There are also 100 companies operating in Kemalpaşa region besides Organized Industry. There is also a railway connection to the Çandarlı Port.
Torbali-Kemalpasa railway connection is also planned. In this way, the collection center of the Aegean Region will be Kemalpasa Logistics Village. If the railway between Cumaovasi-Aliaga is allocated for urban transportation, the railway cargoes coming from Denizli, Aydın will follow the route of Torbalı-Kemalpaşa-Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı and reach Çandarlı port.
Project Start Date: 2011
Planned Finish Date of the Project: 2014
Project Cost: 32.535.000 TL
In project scope;
5.800 m. Line work,
• 2.630.000 m³ excavation,
• 2.100.000 m³ Filling,
• Road intersection bridge works will be done.
• The total area is 3.000.000 m² and the covered area is 173.851 m².
• 1. 1.000.000 m2 is based on the stage implementation.

The infrastructure;
• The tender was made on 21 March 2012.
• The contract was signed on 12 October 2012 and the place was delivered.
• Infrastructure 1. In the first half of 2014 phase of the phase is targeted.
• Infrastructure 2. The preparation of the tender for the stage will begin.

Following the completion of Infrastructure Construction, the upper structure of Kemalpasa Logistics Village will be tendered with BOT model.

Facilities for Kemalpaşa logistics village:
• 8 railway line reaching the warehouse site
• 5 pieces railway line in bonded area
• 9 warehouse warehouse (148.752 m²)
The total indoor area is 173.851 m².


Total area: 3 million m²
1. Expropriation of the stage: 1 million m²
2. Expropriation of the stage: 1 million m²
3. Expropriation of the stage: 1 million m²

Business Area
• Closed Total Area: 173.851 m²
• Warehouse Closed Area: 148.752 m²
• Open Storage Area: 570.300 m²

• Storage: 14.211 Container
• Outdoors: 9090 Container
• Warehouse Front Open Field: 5121 Container
• Bulk Cargo Warehouse: 6750 m³
• Annual Load: 16 million tons
• Number of Employees: 1538 people



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