Address Bursa M for Turkey's first domestic and National Automobile Production?

The first car uretimde local and national scholarships like to address my turkiyenin Price
The first car uretimde local and national scholarships like to address my turkiyenin Price

Bursa and automotive companies are primarily interested in international brands such as Tofaş Fiat and Oyak Renault. Also, we should not forget Güleryüz, Tezeller and Boztekin, which produce buses using Karsan.
Double-decker buses produced in the workshops in Küçükbalıklı should also be added.
In Bursa, where the production of the sub-industry is so strong, even the Automotive Vocational High School was opened to train staff for the automotive sector.
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Turkey's first indigenous car and the national capital for the production of automotive address shows that Bursa.
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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is very important for the production of domestic and national cars in many cities in Bursa will be the prestige for Bursa automotive sector.
No official announcement has been made about the production site, but it is the news that TEKNOSAB has gradually gained weight.
Infrastructure investments for the high-tech industrial zone near Karacabey have almost reached the final stage. The motorway connection and the proximity to the Bursa-Bandırma railway line are also effective in TEKNOSAB.
One semester…
Volvo wanted to invest in world automotive giants, but Erdem Saker, who was the mayor of the period near Uluabat Lake, was left behind because of the city's industrial saturation. It was not unfair for those days, because the industrial infrastructure was blocked.
Nowadays ...
Again, situated between the world's automotive giants Volkswagen also wants to do in Bursa in Turkey due to the infrastructure of the factory plans to produce cars.
In this direction, some steps have been taken and the first contacts with relevant institutions and organizations in Bursa has been established and the search for a suitable place begins.
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It is also among those who come to our attention that the city is carefully treated in order to comply with its new zoning plan targets.Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)

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