One Million Duster Produced in Four Years

📩 24/11/2018 12:16

One Million Duster Produced in Four Years: Duster has been a success story since its launch four years ago. Worldwide production of Renault and Dacia branded Duster has reached one million!
The one millionth Duster was built at Renault's Curitiba plant to be delivered to a Brazilian customer.
Duster is now available for sale in more than 100 countries and is manufactured in five factories worldwide.
Renault President Carlos Ghosn has announced that in the Curitiba factory in Brazil, where the one millionth Duster is produced, 2014 million will be invested in Real 2019 (500 million euros) during 162 - XNUMX.
Duster is the driving force behind the Renault Group's international growth as well as being the best-selling model worldwide by Renault.
Başarı Duster is a real global success story. With the Renault brand, it meets the demands of our international customers and contributes to Renault's expansion in emerging markets. However, with the Dacia brand, Duster was able to bring new customers to the brand with its design, affordable price and suitable to every land condition in Europe and Mediterranean countries. Un
A commercial success
The fact that a million units of Duster has been sold in a short period of just four years all over the world is revealing the success of the model.
Today, the model is sold in more than 100 brands with Renault and Dacia brands.
Renault-branded Duster has carried the Group forward in international markets and was designed to meet the specific needs of customers. For example, there is the direksiyon very cold climate ân version for Russia, the, Flex Fuel ”version for Brazil, and the right-handed version for India with a special interior design Örneğin
The Dacia-branded Duster, with its incomparable interior volume, has become extremely popular among its customers thanks to its all-terrain features.
The Biggest Five Duster Market

Five factories worldwide
One millionth Duster was built at Renault's Curitiba plant in Brazil; The model is produced in five factories: Pitesti (Romania), Curitiba (Brazil), Envigado (Colombia), Moscow (Russia) and Chennai (India).
Renault President Carlos Ghosn announced the investment in the Curitiba factory, where the Duster model was produced. Accordingly, in the 2014 - 2019 period, an investment of 500 million Real (162 million Euros) will be devoted to the production of two new models in the Curitiba factory. Ghosn announced that a new logistics center will be established. 240 million Reality (78 million Euros) will be invested in ten years.
The Dacia Duster brand in Europe, Turkey and North Africa since 2010 to be sold in the country are produced in Romania Piteşt'. At the same time, it has been produced from 2010 since June 2011 to be sold in Middle East, Egypt and other African countries.
The Brazilian Curitiba factory produces Renault-branded Duster since October 2011 to be sold in Brazil and Argentina. The factory in Envigado, Colombia produces Duster since February 2012 for customers in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Central America.
Duster's production in Russia - Moscow also started in December 2011 for the local market with the Renault brand.
Finally on May 2012 fabIndian factory Duster production in Chennai started. The Duster model produced here is sold under the Renault brand in the Indian, South African and Indonesian markets, and in the UK, Cyprus, Malta and Ireland under the Dacia brand.
Total Duster sales continued to increase in 2013 and reached 376 thousand units. In Turkey, which since its launch in April 2010 33 thousand pieces performed 639 Duster sales was realized.

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