OYAK Renault, the leader of Bursa

OYAK Renault, the leader of Bursa: According to the "Top 250 Large Firms Survey of Bursa", OYAK Renault became the biggest industrial company of the city with a turnover of 8,6 billion liras. OYAK Renault followed Tofaş with a turnover of 7,3 billion TL. Drawing attention to the strong industry in Bursa, the Chairman of the BTSO Burkay said that unemployment in the city fell to 6,6 percent.
The automotive industry continues to be Bursa's largest industrial enterprise. In the 'Top 2013 Large Firms Survey of Bursa' conducted by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) considering the economic indicators of 250 such as turnover, export and employment, 2013 turnover by Bursa's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) “Bursa's Top 250 Large Firms Research”, which was conducted considering the economic indicators such as exports and employment, was announced.
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) 2013 year turnover, taking into account the economic indicators such as exports and employment "Bursa's First 250 Big Company Research", the city's largest industrial company 8,6 billion lira turnover was OYAK Renault.
BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay stated that “250 Big Company Research olan, one of the most important field studies of BTSO, was concluded according to the total net domestic and foreign sales sizes of the firms in the 2013 year data. .
Burkay, said in the research in question from the production of the year 2013 companies, sales, exports, gross value added, pre-tax period profits and losses, net assets, equity totals and employees are doing a detailed analysis said.
Last year the world economy so 2,4 grow, while Turkey's economy is realized as 4,1 percent growth rate reminiscent of Burkay, "the Bursa economy percent last year 4,4 grew both 2012 years has outpaced both the average in Turkey. Our company also exports Bursa xnumx'luk In the 2013 percent increase Turkey has achieved a high growth rate compared to exports. Bursa's growth and export success were reflected in the unemployment figures. The unemployment rate in Bursa, while the unemployment rate has fallen to xnumx'y percent in 7,9 xnumx'y percent in Turkey, "he said.
- Automotive turnover increased by 11 percent
Burkay pointed out that 33 new company entered the list this year and the turnover total of 250 in Bursa was realized as 2013 billion dollars in 31. Burkay noted:
Toplam When the total turnover of the sectors is analyzed, it is seen that there is an increase in 2,4 percent compared to the previous year. Turnover in the automotive sector reached 2013 billion dollars with an increase of 11 in 15, while the turnover of textile sector exceeded 4 billion dollars. According to turnover, the first 10 companies were OYAK Renault, Tofaş, Bosch, Borçelik, Sütaş, Bursa Pharmacists Cooperative, Karsan, Türk Prysmian, Korteks and Özdilek. Sırasıyla
Pointing out that the value added figures, which consist of the sum of wages, interest and rent income and pre-tax profit figures, are of great importance especially for the Bursa economy, Burkay said, “Gross value added figures, which have a tendency to decrease until 2002 year, continue to increase except for small fluctuations and 2009 crisis. In 2013, the value-added figure was realized as 4,5 billion dollars ”.
Burkay, the first 250 firm's employment figures examined the decline in the textile sector and the increase in the automotive sector, noting that the 250 big company in Bursa 2013'te 125 thousand people said that the employment. Burkay, “Tofaş was the company that provided the most employment in 2013. OYAK Renault, Bosch and Özdilek also followed Tofaş in employment. Istihdam
- Medium and long-term goals
The results of the research, sectors, economic growth and financial stability are significantly affected by Burkay, stressed that financial risks should be better managed. Kay The medium and long-term goal should be to take and implement structural measures to increase the competitiveness of the sectors, Bur Burkay said.
Burkay, since the Bursa many years he referred to as Turkey's Detroit also recalled the future on behalf of sharing the same fate with the city of Detroit 15-20 years space, the rail system with the aerospace and defense stressed that they should have a say.
In this context, Burkay stated that they have established the Space, Aviation and Defense Cluster and Rail Systems Cluster and said, uz We want to increase the awareness of our companies operating in automotive, machinery and technical textiles ”.
Burkay, Turkey's medium, high and stressed the need for increasing the production and exports of advanced technology, 1 of the San Francisco model in Turkey. It can be applied in the cities of the region, he added.
- Top 10 companies in the list
According to İlk Bursa's First 250 Big Company Survey,, the first 2013 company in terms of 10 turnover is as follows:
Company Turnover (TL)
1- OYAK Renault Automobile Factories Inc. 8.648.504.838
2- TOFAŞ Turkish Automobile Factory AS 7.353.114.561
3- Bosch Industry and Trade Inc. 2.542.447.227
4- Borçelik Steel Industry Trade Inc. 1.963.061.817
5 - Sütaş Dairy Products Inc. 1.625.880.142
6- Bursa Pharmacists Production and Distribution Coop. 917.534.918
7- Karsan Automotive Industry and Trade Inc. 841.467.538
8- Turkish Prysmian Cable & Systems Inc. 746.136.368
9- Korteks Textile Industry and Trade Inc. 708.460.657
10- Özdilek Shopping Mall and Textile Industry Inc. 674.042.203

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