Pirelli Fleet Check Service Offers Rubber Management System to Fleets

📩 24/11/2018 12:16

Pirelli Fleet Check Service Delivers Fleet Management System to the Fleet: Pirelli provides on-site and free service to fleets under the say Fleet Solutions avantaj under the başına Fleet Solutions avantaj system, by analyzing the status of tires and thus providing a significant cost advantage per kilometer. .
The Fleet Check service, which is offered free and on-site by Pirelli Tire Control Specialists, collects all relevant information about the tires and sends them to the fleet manager in a report.
The Fleet Check analysis conducted by Pirelli for the continuous monitoring of fleets by the fleet is carried out in a central database. With information on the tread depth, tire pressures and the condition of the tires, reports on the status of tires and vehicles for each fleet are being prepared. In the reports, it is possible to obtain maximum performance and efficiency from tires by specifying important criteria for performance such as proper air pressure, irregular wear, rotation requirement, coating time.
2013 1000 vehicle support and 10 more than a thousand tire control Pirelli, 2014 Super Truck dealers began to serve in the 1500 vehicle and 15 more than a thousand tires aims to provide this service.
Erbu Özkaran: an Ideal solution for fleets aiming to reduce management costs amaç
Fleet check services, Pirelli Fleet Solutions, indicating that only one of the services Pirelli Turkey Ağırvasıt Marketing Coordinator Erb Özkara said, "Fleet Check service, we may consider as the use of the tires and condition following a central database," he said. Özkaran pointed out that the biggest concern of fleet managers is the continuous increase in administrative expenses, according to the results of the studies conducted in Europe, and said that Fleet Check service was developed in order to reduce these expenses. Özkaran said, “According to the Fleet Survey conducted by Pirelli, more than 90 percent of medium and large European fleets aim to measure and reduce fuel consumption in order to reduce management expenses. More than 70 percent of the companies participating in the research take measures to reduce better fuel consumption and increased costs. Safe driving trainings, replacement of vehicles, replacement of tires with tires with lower rolling resistance, fuel saving by replacing tires and professional fleet solutions are among these measures taken. ”
Pirelli has many solutions under the Roof of Fleet Solutions
Under the umbrella of Pirelli Fleet Solutions Özkara that there were a number of different services, "Turkey is common in the Super Truck service network Fleet check, which our service roadside assistance for international long distance carriers CQ24, their rubber coating our brand Novacteck and important information about the tire fleet managers to instantly CyberFleet is among these services. In addition, the Fleet Check service, which can be fully integrated with Pirelli's patented product CyberFleet, can be used on computers and handheld terminal devices with Bluetooth technology while working on the web.


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