Eighties and Karadayi arrays receive traffic safety awards

The eighties and the Black Sea series received a traffic safety award: the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), the General Directorate of Security, the General Directorate of Press and Information, and the Traffic Safety Media Awards, organized with the support of TÜVTÜRK, found their owners. In the award ceremony, Mint Production was performed with the 80s and Ay Yapım, Digiturk and TRT Music received the Special Award from Karadayı series.
Within the scope of the traffic safety project in the media carried out within the scope of the "Road Traffic Safety Strategy and Action Plan", information teams were formed in cooperation with the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), the General Directorate of Security, the Directorate General of Press and Broadcasting and Information.
These teams, journalists, writers, artists, producers and directors informed the traffic. The project aimed to establish awareness of traffic safety in news and images related to the use of helmet, speed control, mobile phone, red light, helmet, speed control, mobile phone, newspaper and television news, entertainment programs, music videos, commercials and serials.
The "Traffic Safety Media Awards", which were given with the purpose of evaluating the statistics obtained between media views covering April 2013 and April 2014 and rewarding the successes, were found at the Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar and Congress Center on Wednesday, April 16, with the support of TÜVTÜRK.
Mint Production with the series Eighties in the Night, Ay Yapım with the series Karadayı, Digiturk and TRT Music were deemed worthy of special awards for encouraging the use of seat belts and obeying traffic rules. Kazanmoments received the award from TÜVTÜRK Communications and Business Development Director Koray Özcan. In the organization, the book “A Life Story”, in which the traffic safety message was given, was also distributed to all guests at the TÜVTÜRK booth.
Responsibility Action in Traffic
In our country, TÜVTÜRK is the only institution authorized in the periodic vehicle inspection which is of great importance for traffic safety. 4 has been carrying out the Corporate Social Responsibility Project in Responsibility of Traffic in order to spread the awareness of traffic safety to all segments of the society with the coordination of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication.
Within the scope of the Responsibility Action in Traffic, 4 has provided 900 indirect access to more than one thousand people and 3 more than one million people through communication activities and field activities.

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