A highway in Germany will stay off the 5 month

A highway in Germany will be closed for 5 months: 80 will be closed in Duisburg, Germany, due to the maintenance and expansion of the A 59 motorway, where the 5 car passes through the day. According to municipal officials, despite the maintenance and repair work in Duisburg transportation problems will not occur.
The most important pillar of the 5,3 km construction and repair route in the city of Duisburg is the Berlin Bridge 1,8 km. The bridge has an important point in 7 that needs to be repaired. The repair work at the Gartsträuch bridge will continue with the Meidrich bridge. 5 will continue to work as 2 shifts in order to complete construction work scheduled for completion in winter. The work will continue from 06 to 22.
1960-70 years A59, A40, A42'da bridges can not meet today's needs and some parts of the risk was expressed. Experts, the total construction cost 51 million euros will find that says.
1 will commence maintenance and repair work on the Berlin Bridge, located between the Duisburg Nord and Duisburg junction on the A 59 motorway in North Rhine-Westphalia. The municipality of Duisburg has prepared an internet page in order to alleviate the traffic disruptions likely to occur and to show how to reach Duisburg during this time. The page, which can be accessed from the A, offers extensive information on the closure of the 59.
On the web page, visitors, visitors, cyclists, workers or employers will find information and advice on the closure of this highway through the city for weeks. With a few clicks you can find out about the ways in which the traffic is guided, current traffic news and information, frequently asked questions, common travel center addresses (Mitfahrzentrale) and the special ticket opportunities offered by the Duisburg transport services company DVG to the affected by the closure of A59. The website also provides a summary of the maintenance and repair work on the A 59 motorway and the closure of the motorway in Turkish and English.
Parallel to the web site, a brochure prepared by State Roads will also be distributed in the northern districts of Duisburg and in the center of Duisburg at the municipal service points.
Call Duisburg, the 02 telephone number of the municipality of Duisburg (03 94000), can be obtained prior to the repair work and during the closing of the motorway. Call Duisburg is available between 7 and 18 on weekdays, and between 9 and 16 on Saturdays.

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