Doğançay Ripajı ll. Part Project Financial membrane of the survey, project, engineering and consultancy tender between Doğançay - Sapanca was opened

TCDD Doğançay Ripaj ll. Section Project Doğançay - Sapanca's financial dice of study, project, engineering and consultancy tender opened

Financial dice of the tender of "Doğançay Ripaji II Part Doğançay-Sapanca, Project Engineering and Consultancy Service Procurement" to be held by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Enterprise was opened on 18 April 2014.

According to the information received by Yatınmlar Magazine; The technical scores and financial offers of the companies whose financial items were opened in the said tender (15) were determined as follows:

Technical Score
1. Erka-As Project - Koba Eng. 100 1.184.000
2. Italferr - Altinok Consultancy 98,5 1.649.990
3. Botek Inc. 96,04 1.740.995
4. Temat - Su-Yapı - KMG Project 95,29 1.757.738
5. Yuksel Project 92,08 1.845.465

Source: Investments

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