Real Train Station Bursa Montania Hotel is with you with its renewed face

Bursa Montania Hotel
Bursa Montania Hotel

Mudanya Station, a tall building overlooking the sea on the coastline of Mudanya, was built in 1849 by the French as a customs house. This magnificent building on the pier was the most magnificent and eye-catching place of the period. The 163-year-old Mudanya Station building welcomes its guests as MONTANIA SPECIAL CLASS HOTEL today. 2 km from the ferry port. MONTANIA SPECIAL CLASS HOTEL, which is very close to ISTANBUL with its distance, is a candidate to become an indispensable part of the city with its renewed design.

Paying attention to the protection of Authenticity, Turkey's 5. In order to be a design hotel, this unique hotel, which has been redesigned at the right time and has been redesigned considering the identity of the historical railway station, brings the memories to life again. The most important part of the change is the hotel logo design, the old structure of the building (1849), a historical train station and the hotel's proximity to the sea. Also known as MONTANIA, the brand is the name of Mudanya, which is the old name in history.


MONTANIA is a ve SPECIAL CLASS ve hotel for pleasure and stylish guests, combining today's modern and contemporary service concept with the atmosphere of history, blending with the experience it has, traveling for both business and leisure and looking for the best during their stay in the city.


19th century. Today's LA GARE RESTAURANT & BAR, which served as the passenger waiting room of the Historical Train Station at the beginning, offers a privileged "fine dining" atmosphere with a brand new architectural touch. with many international prizes in its industry, Turkey Cooks National Team members and various as a lecturer at universities ta find a professional advisers accompanied the end of the training process lasted 1,5 months the prepared innovative menu, thanks to the provision of skilled chefs will remind you that you're in space once again correct.

A'la carte menu on weekdays and at weekends and special fix menus for groups are also available on request. In addition to the ambitious music groups, LA GARE also offers you a fun-filled fun outside the food.

LA GARE RESTAURANT & BAR brings you “a plate world” besides the dishes prepared with traditional Turkish hospitality.


Bur 163 annual train station next to you, exquisite Marmara view in front of you üz This is a place where you will forget about time ız

Masturi Fish Restaurant, which is the most known brand of MONTANIA SPECIAL CLASS HOTEL, manages to attract you to you with its summer pier and its wonderful terrace which offers the opportunity of eating fish on the sea with its fresh air and the sound of waves as it is with its closed winter place. You will leave a day to remember with pleasure while eating your fish in the fairy-tale land of Marmara.


Z Imagine a place, the historic Marseille bricks made of 1840, the 5,5 year-old wooden roof with 163 meters, standing with the tensioning system, together with the unique sea view “
WAGON CAFE & BAR is designed to appeal to different tastes with a special service concept. Making a difference with its architecture, WAGON is waiting for its passengers, whose choice is an unusual place. While sipping your coffee in the 1st class compartmented wagons designed inspired by the Mudanya train, you will have the pleasure of being an eyewitness of history by traveling on the rails in a time tunnel from Mudanya to Bursa.

WAGON CAFE & BAR, which includes the design wagons that give the place its name, promises a dream that you can only see while awake with its livable beauty.


Our historical Ballroom, which is used as a "rectangular locomotive warehouse" where the maintenance, simple repairs and preparation of the steam locomotives operating on the Bursa - Mudanya Train line are made and prepared for the next time, is to host all your distinguished invitations, congress & seminar and meeting organizations with its unique ceiling height. aims.


In the unique atmosphere of the 163 annual historical railway station against the unique view of the Sea of ​​Marmara, summer terrace for summer activities such as summer weddings, invitations, celebrations, the terrace created with modern designs within the magnificent historical texture, weddings like the fairy tale that decorate your dreams with the place like the hidden gardens of Bursa in the shade of the 150 year old plane tree. waiting for you.

The professional service and kitchen staff at MONTANIA SPECIAL CLASS HOTEL offer service beyond your expectations and make the most of your grand invitations memorable.

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