600 million dollar investment for infrastructure in China

600 million dollar investment for infrastructure in China: The World Bank has approved a loan of US $ 600 in order to support the modernization of the public transportation system of two major cities in Heilongjiang Province in north-eastern China.

These funds will also be used to increase railway capacity in a key transport corridor in Heilongjiang and to increase gas use in Shanxi Province.

The cities of Harbin and Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang Province will benefit from the Heilongjiang Cold Weather Intelligent Public Transportation System project, and part of this project will be funded with a 200 million dollar loan.

The purpose of this project is to build passenger shelters, terminals, bus depots and maintenance facilities, to provide road closed areas, to make bus stops, to improve the conditions of road pavement.

Meanwhile, the HaJia Railway Project in Heilongjiang Province will be supported with 300 million USD. This credit will be used in the construction of electric and mixed-use (passenger and freight transport) railways consisting of 343 km-long double lines between Harbin and Jiamusi cities.

In this project, besides the modernization of the existing Jiamusu station, the new station 12 will be built. The planned end date of the project is 2019, and the World Bank will make this new line as a result of the construction of the new 507 km line between Harbin and Jiamusi (343 km shorter). stated that it will decrease.

In addition, 100 million USD has been allocated to support the Sahnxi Gas Infrastructure Project. These funds will be used to expand the gas distribution network in the gas-fired combined heat and power plants as well as in selected cities in Shanxi Province.

Önemli The three projects that have been approved today will contribute significantly to the growth of prosperity and development in the backward regions of China in the north-eastern and western parts of China, through increased productivity and increased energy efficiency in transportation, boyut said Mara Warwick, director of the World Bank for China. .

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