Half a century old steam locomotive will now be used for educational purposes

📩 01/03/2021 15:48

Karabuk University has claimed the locomotive of half a century, which is about to rot. Karabuk University has claimed the locomotive of half a century, which is about to rot. The locomotive, which was waiting idle in Karabük Train Station, was brought to the university and placed under the stadium. The locomotive, which is in scrap form, will be used for sightseeing after being restored.

Karabük TCDD Station Store in loco No. 56378 1948 and in the United States Wulcaniro Works Wikes-Barre began service in 39 locomotives produced in factories in Turkey. Authority within the 1987 consecutive years of service in 101,9 after working steam locomotive remains Turkey's first Iron and Steel Institute and Rail Systems Engineering Department at the holding structure of Karabük Iron and Steel was brought to the University Campus. The steam locomotive, which was handed over with a 32,66 ton locomotive and XNUMX ton tender (coal boiler) with the protocol signed between TCDD Materials Department and Karabük University, was placed in the area between the Iron and Steel Institute and the Moon Star Stadium at Karabük University.

Karabuk University Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, in his statement on the subject, stated that universities are continuing their efforts to become a 'rail systems valley'. Prof. Dr. Uysal said, “We are delighted to experience another first at Karabük University, the university of the firsts. We carried the steam locomotive tenders at TCDD Karabük Station Depot, which served our country for 48 years, and most importantly, to our university without any problems.

Locomotives, the most important means of transportation and transportation of a period, expect to be remembered like old people who longingly wait for their children and grandchildren to visit them 1-2 times a year. We, Karabük University students, aim not to keep the locomotive that has witnessed history as a memory to be remembered, but to serve as a bridge between the past and the future. Respecting the past is to revive this locomotive and offer it to our students. " he spoke.

Rector Prof. Dr. Uysal said, “When the restoration process is completed, our history will come to life again in our university. I would like to express my gratitude to TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who contributed to the transfer of the locomotive, TCDD Karabük Station, Yapı Merkezi Yapiray Railway Construction Systems Industry and Trade Inc. and Kavsaoğlu Vinc employees for the transportation of the locomotive from TCDD Karabük Station to our university. used the expressions. - HaberimPort

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