Minister Yilmaz will test the reamer

Minister Yilmaz will test the rebound: National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, comes to Sivas for the rebus. Yilmaz, Divrigi-Sivas due to transportation problems due to the completed rebuild will test the ride. Market following its program in Malatya [more…]

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Haydarpaşa Train Station Fire Statement by TCDD

Haydarpaşa Station Fire Statement from TCDD: It is stated by the Republic of Turkey State Railways that TCDD and its employees have no negligence or fault in the fire that occurred on the roof of the court, Haydarpaşa Station, and that the contractor and contractor of the incident [more…]

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Istanbul Traffic Sharing Solution Yolyola

A Shared Solution to Istanbul Traffic Yolyola: 'Yolyola' is an alternative for those who are overwhelmed by Istanbul's traffic: Sharing a car with people on the same route as you. The system is both environmentally friendly and contributes to reducing the vehicle load in traffic. Each [more…]

marmaray sirkci station
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Marmaray Sirkeci Station

Marmaray Sirkeci Station: Marmaray's closed Sirkeci station, which was put into service on October 29, entered service quietly. The picture of Marmaray, which provides uninterrupted railway transportation under the sea between the Asian and European sides [more…]


Trams commenced the test drive from China

The test drive of the tram brought from China will start: The first of the 5 tram that the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality bought from China after Italy was brought to Samsun Çarşamba Airport by the Russian cargo plane. 39 meter-long tram 2 into pieces [more…]


Turkey's new ski resorts

new ski centers in Turkey: Courhevel, Chamonix (France), St. St. Moritz (Switzerland), Zell am See (Austria), Cortina (Italy), Aspen (America), Borovets (Bulgaria). These are millions of euros for skiing of tens of thousands of Turks every year. [more…]