TCCD Employees Promote Promotion Agreement

Promotion Agreement Provided to TCCD Employees: Bank Promotion negotiations of TCDD Employees covering the years 2014-2017 were concluded with an agreement. With the signed contract, it was agreed that 1400 TL would be paid into the accounts of TCDD employees at once. The period of the previous agreement will expire on December 31, 2013, and we are in talks with Vakıfbank officials to deposit the promotional fees into their salary accounts before December 15. Good luck to TCDD employees. [more…]

06 Ankara

Unlawfulness registered in the capital

The unlawfulness in Başkentray was registered: Ankara Regional Administrative Court found the cancellation of the tender unlawful and stopped the execution. The unlawfulness in the Başkentray tender made by TCDD last year was registered with a court decision. The tender given to the Kolin-Gülermak partnership was completely canceled upon objections. Ankara Regional Administrative Court found it unlawful for the KİK to cancel the tender altogether and stopped the execution. Republic of Turkey [more…]

998 Uzbekistan

Giant railway project in Uzbekistan

Giant railway project in Uzbekistan: The Uzbekistan government is preparing to implement the largest railway project in the country's history. It aims to complete the Fergana railway network, which will bypass Tajikistan, by 2016. The railway network that will connect Uzbekistan to the Fergana Valley will be provided by a 3-kilometer tunnel under the 500-meter-high Kamchik Mountain. Uzbekistan, the train reaching the Fergana valley via Tajikistan due to the disagreements between them [more…]


Tram Arrives Into Shot By Air (Video)

Tram Arrives to Samsun by Plane: The Chinese firm, which won the tram tender of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, loaded the first tram to the ship about 3 weeks ago, but the Haiyan typhoon, which affected the Far East, prevented the ship from moving forward. The company brought the 40-meter tram, which it wanted to deliver on day, to Samsun with Antonov An-225 Mriya, one of the world's largest cargo aircraft. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus Expeditions in Istanbul

Metrobus services interrupted in Istanbul: Due to the malfunctioning metrobus at Altunizade stop, the services were interrupted. While there was passenger density at the Metrobus stop, long Metrobus queues formed in both directions. While it was seen that some passengers got off the metrobus and proceeded on the metrobus road, some passengers argued with the metrobus drivers who did not open the doors. A metrobus on the Söğütlüçeşme-Zincirlikuyu route broke down at around 18.30 when it arrived at the Altunizade stop. Metrobus driver [more…]

35 Izmir

Railway Upside Up Sirince Bridge

When the Railway Rises, There Will Be No Problems in Selçuk: In the heavy rains experienced, unwanted images occurred at only one point in Selçuk, at the point known as Şirince Bridge Railway Underpass. In the statement made by the Selçuk Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs on the subject, it was stated that the reason for the problem was that the road level of Şirince Bridge Railway was lower than necessary. The level between the road and the railway was low in the area where the railway passes. [more…]


100 annual dream takes off in the basics of Filyos Port in 2014

The foundations of Filyos Port, a 100-year-old dream, were laid in 2014: After Marmaray, another dream of Sultan Abdulhamid II came true. The foundations of Filyos Port, one of the biggest projects of the Black Sea, which is expected to be realized for 2 years, are laid in 100. The foundations of Filyos Port, the second dream of Sultan Abdulhamidi after Marmaray, were laid in 2014. The project provides employment for 2 thousand people and neighbors. [more…]

it was clear why marmara was closed
34 Istanbul

Marmaray Transportation to Nautilus Shopping Center

Transportation to Nautilus Shopping Center Marmaray: One KadıköyNautilus Shopping Center is a shopping center that I visit quite often. When I went to the Nautilus Shopping Center recently, I realized that the last stop of Marmaray is at Nautilus. The transportation system of the century! I hadn't used Marmaray yet, the truth of the matter was, I wasn't too curious. But I realized something, now Nautilus and Üsküdar are connected with Marmaray. [more…]

35 Izmir

Metrotay in Izmir against Marmaray

Metrotay in İzmir against Marmaray: İzmir Non-Governmental Organizations Platform (ISTOK) protested the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality against the failure of the Üçyol- Üçkuyular metro line to be completed in 8 years, saying we are opening 'Metro-Tay' with a horse carriage and a phaeton. A group of platform members gathered in Üçkuyular protested the Metropolitan Municipality with a humorous composition. Four horse-drawn carriages and a phaeton were brought to the location of the subway construction. Horse [more…]


Hisarcıklıoğlu: Kayseri deserves a high-speed train

Hisarcıklıoğlu: Kayseri deserves a high-speed train: Speaking at the Industry Night organized by Kayseri Chamber of Industry, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan stated that Kayseri is the heart of Turkey in trade and industry. Ali Babacan, who thanked the industrialists of Kayseri for their work, stated that he was the third generation of a family from trade. President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir Metro has activated systems for hearing and visually impaired people

İzmir Metro put its systems into operation for the hearing and visually impaired: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken another step for the disabled in public transportation. With an investment of 1,5 million TL, İzmir Metro commissioned the Smart Hearing System for the hearing impaired, which is only available in the London, Hong Kong, Paris and Sydney subways in the world. In addition, maps prepared in Braille alphabet for the visually impaired [more…]

06 Ankara

Unable to stop water leaks in Ankara Station

The water leakage could not be stopped at Ankaray's College station: The water leakage that started 3 months ago at Ankaray's College station could not be stopped. The teams, who have been evacuating the water with a pump for a long time, said that the water came from underground, so they would cover it with insulation material. The spring water coming out of Ankaray's College station, which Ankara Hürriyet had brought to the agenda before, could not stop. continuing at the college station [more…]


Tramway Opening in Kocaeli

Tramway Expansion in Kocaeli: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which could not realize most of the promises it made to the people of the city before the local elections in 2009 and the big projects it introduced, is opening tenders one after the other as the March 30 elections are approaching. LIGHT RAIL SYSTEM Metropolitan Municipality started the construction of Kandıra Köprülü Kağız and Yahya Kaptan Köprülü Junction, which should have been built years ago, in the past months, and the Covered Market, which has been waiting for years. [more…]

86 China

China trains towards Turkey (video)

Chinese trains are on their way to Turkey: Four trams produced in China with the latest technology are on their way to Turkey. The vehicles, which are only 40 centimeters above the ground, were produced by China's largest tram manufacturer CNR. CNR company of the People's Republic of China, which won the tender for the purchase of 25 trams made by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality on September 2012, 5, sends the first train by plane. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Archeology Delayed by TCDD

Statement by TCDD that Archeology Delays Marmaray: We Don't Blame Anyone. The operator of Marmaray, TCDD, made a statement to HaberVs that the "archeology delayed Marmaray" board belonged to the presentation of Minister Yıldırım and did not aim to accuse anyone. Marmaray's operator, Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), made a statement to HaberVesaire that "they do not intend to blame anyone" for the board, which states that "Marmaray Project has been delayed due to archaeological excavations". [more…]

06 Ankara

Başkentray Tender Revoked by GCC

Cancellation of Başkentray Tender by KİK Returned from Court: Including the reconstruction of the Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş train lines, the tender of which was made by the General Directorate of TCDD on April 25, 2012, but canceled on May 15, 15 by the Public Procurement Authority (KİK) upon the objection received on May 2013. It was planned to go out to tender again in December for the Başkentray Project. However, the cancellation of the said tender [more…]

34 Istanbul

Walls of Istanbul decorated with flowers, metrobus stops illuminated

The walls of Istanbul were decorated with flowers, the metrobus stops were illuminated: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decorated the junction walls with flowers and illuminated the metrobus stops with led lights. According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the municipality, which does not limit its green perception to parks and gardens, presented new works that deal with different themes in parts of the city such as intersections, walls, roadsides and pools to the taste of Istanbul residents. In this context, the newly launched vertical garden application [more…]