33 France

UIC Board Meetings Held in Paris

UIC Board Meetings Held in Paris: International Union of Railways (UIC) European Regional Board meeting, UIC Executive Board meeting and UIC 83rd General Meeting were held in Paris. International Union of Railways–UIC Europe Regional [more…]

49 Mus

Muş Güzeldağ Ski Center opened

Muş Güzeldağ Ski Center was opened: The first ski of the season was made in the ski center of Muş Güzeltepe village. Center, the first day of the ski season was flocked to citizens. Located ten kilometers from the city center [more…]

35 Bulgaria

Skiers on the runway

Skiers on the runway: One of the ways to greet the arrival of winter with a smile is to love to ski! Since the ski season has been opened, both the ski resorts in Bulgaria and our olan close kon quota are included in the list. [more…]

25 Erzurum

International Sarikamis Cup ended

The International Sarıkamış Cup has come to an end: The cup races organized in Erzurum by the Turkish Ski Federation with the participation of 10 athletes from 63 countries have been completed. Organized by the Turkish Ski Federation in Erzurum with the participation of 10 athletes from 63 countries. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Increased interest in train travel in winter

In winter, interest in train travel has increased: demand for train travel in winter has increased. The fact that the risk of accidents is low and the level of service is brought to the EU standard increases the demand for train travel. State Iron [more…]

254 Kenya

A freight train rides across houses

A freight train in Kenya derailed and crashed into houses: A freight train in Kenya went off the rails and crashed into houses. Fortunately, no one died in the accident. A cargo train leaves a slum in Kenya's capital, Nairobi. [more…]

16 Bursa

İDOBÜS is going on in history

İDOBÜS becomes history: Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO) has decided to terminate the İDOBÜS service. In the statement made by İDO; The decision to terminate the İDOBÜS service, which started between Istanbul and Bursa in March 2012, as of January 2, 2014. [more…]

92 Pakistan

Metrobus surprise from Prime Minister Erdogan

Metrobus surprise from Prime Minister Erdoğan: Metrobus surprise can be experienced In Lahore, the capital of Punjab province and one of the most crowded cities of Pakistan with a population of 11 million, the transportation problem is being tried to be solved with the help of Turkey. capital of the state of Punjab [more…]

35 Izmir

Female captain of İZBAN machinists

Female captain of İZBAN machinists: All the work from the flight plans of the İzmir Suburban Management Inc. (İZBAN), which was established three years ago in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Metropolitan Municipality, to the working hours. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Double Decker

Double-decked obstacle: If you remember last week, I brought up a problem faced by disabled people in transportation… He wrote that disabled people, who do not pay any fee for public transportation vehicles with their free transportation cards, cannot benefit from Marmaray free of charge. [more…]