7 Russia

Duty Free at the train station in Russia

Duty Free was put into service at the railway station in Russia: Duty Free was opened at the railway station for the first time in Russia. Duty-free shopping at Zabaykalsk railway station on the Chinese border for the first time in the history of Russia's Railway [more…]


Light Rail System

Light Rail System for Public Transportation in Kocaeli: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has pushed the button to realize its giant projects within the scope of Transportation Master Plan. In this context, Northern Public Transport which constitutes the main backbone of the plan is [more…]

49 Germany

Rail Systems EU Project Completed

EU Rail Systems Project Completed: Training of Rail System in Germany, Operation, Maintenance and Repair Method Investigating Turkey Adaptation is the European Union Leonardo Da Vinci (VETPRO) project was carried out with success. Malatya Martyrs [more…]