Bursa T1 Tram Line Ends

Bursa T1 Tram Map
Bursa T1 Tram Map

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in the city center by the breath of Bursa T1 Tramway to the end of the construction of the tram line has come to an end.

The rails were laid on the T 1 line which will ease the urban transportation in Bursa, and the works have come to an end. Trams reportedly will start trial in June. Now one of the tram stops is being built. The 28 meters long trams, which can carry around 280 passengers, will soon begin the expedition. In addition to the stops, the trolley will take its energy to end the installation of the wires. T1 line is running out of reminding the authorities, the power lines are still planted for poles, power lines were installed and transformers were installed, he said.


Officials noted that tram services will begin with the opening of schools. Red and white lights will be laid on the right and left of the tram line. Sidewalk arrangements will be made in places where the tram will pass, and facade improvement will be made to buildings. There will be 13 stations along the route of Stadyum Caddesi-Altıparmak Caddesi-Atatürk Caddesi-Heykel-İnönü Caddesi Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi-Kent Square Darmstad Caddesi, 1 workshop building, 2 warehouse roads, 2 workshop roads, 15 crossings, 1 cruiser, 3 transformer buildings. will receive.

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