972 Israel

Israel's Jerusalem Tram Project

Israel's Tramway Project in Jerusalem The Arab League condemned the tram project that will connect Israel's East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem, where settlements were established after the 1967 lands were occupied. At the Arab League meeting held at the level of delegates, [more…]

Shinkansen high-speed train
81 Japan

The Japanese Push the Limits in High Speed ​​Train

Japan brings a new dimension to the rail transport industry. The test drive of the train, which reached a speed of 500 km per hour and did not come into contact with the rails, was carried out successfully in Japan. Japan, one of the pioneers of the technology world, has entered the rail transportation sector. [more…]


Restoration of Historical Çobandere Bridge

Restoration of the Historical Çobandere Bridge The restoration of the 700-year-old Çobandere Bridge in Erzurum will be completed this year. On the Aras River formed by the merging of Bingöl and Hasankale streams on the Erzurum-Kars highway, during the reign of Ilkhanid Ruler Gazan Khan, Vizier [more…]