251 Ethiopia

TCDD's African expansion

African expansion from TCDD TCDD, which has implemented many major projects in line with the main objectives of high-speed train projects, modernization of the existing system and the development of advanced railway industry, will export its experience to Africa. Ethiopia to be opened new [more…]


Gulf Bridge and Gebze Vision

Bay Bridge and vision Gebze Gebze fastest growing region in Turkey, is one of a growing city. When we say Gebze, I mean Darıca, Çayırova and Dilovası districts together. These regions are not so few [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Airport Waste

Airport is Wasteful Candan Karlıtekin, former Chairman of the Board of Directors, who has made a significant contribution to the growth of THY, is a member of 3. Evaluated the airport. Karlıtekin project 'waste' he said. Action magazine will be held in Istanbul 3. Airport [more…]