34 Istanbul

3. Is the Airport a Chance or a Risk?

Is the Airport a Chance or a Risk? The construction process of the airport project, how it will connect with the city, the economic and social effects it will create, the 'Airport Cities and Istanbul' edited by ULI Turkey. [more…]

16 Bursa

Does Bursa matter for Istanbul?

Is Bursa important for Istanbul? If Bursa was not near Istanbul; what would be its urbanization and its last situation and how its future would be discussed. Some Anatolian cities host international organizations [more…]


Hani will be the center of YHT

Behold, we would be the center of YHT yesterday, we have shared with you a detailed news about the railway investments announced by the Ministry of Development. Our news was a huge disappointment especially for me. Because the railway [more…]

34 Istanbul

The question of access to the IMM Parliament

Transportation question to the IMM Assembly Who instructs the right of access to be blocked? Who gives instructions to block the right of Istanbul's transportation? What is the legal basis and justification for the instruction? CHP IMM Council Member Contact Hakkı directly [more…]

34 Istanbul


Is there a financing problem at the 3rd Airport? One of the consortium that won the tender for the 3rd airport, Cengiz İnşaat Chairman of the Board Mehmet Cengiz said, “We haven't started financing yet. But we are not pessimistic,” he said. The third of Istanbul with a capacity of 150 million passengers [more…]

06 Ankara

Live Concert in Ankara Metro

Journey with Live Concert in Ankara Metro: Those traveling with Ankara Metro make a pleasant journey with the live mini concert given in the wagons. A group of college students have been working with the Red Crescent for some time to get their pocket money. [more…]