Wagon Workers Shaping Steel

Figure that Wagon Steel Workers Founded in 1951 62 years serving in Sakarya and Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (Tüvasas), European, and Asian exports to Africa are doing. Turkey hopes on the rail surrounding the [more…]


RayHaber 11.06.2013 Tender Bulletin

Scissor motor drive circuit manufacturing, testing, installation work İstanbul - Demirköprü Line Project Halkalı - Preparation of application projects according to 4 line between Ispartakule stations Various Wagon Material Purchase (TÜLOMSAŞ) [more…]

34 Istanbul

Test Drive in Marmaray 1 in August

1 Test Drive in Marmaray 4.3 In August, 9 has been completed with the 95 billion dollar investment of the Marmaray Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Project. In the project where all the line works are finished and the rails are laid [more…]


Tramways in Eskişehir (Photo Gallery)

Trams in Eskişehir Tokuştı In the Çarşı stop on 2 Eylül street in Eskişehir, the collision of another tram coming after a passenger waiting behind the passengers caused short-term panic between the passengers and the surrounding citizens. [more…]

92 Pakistan

Metrobus crisis in Pakistan

Metrobus crisis in Pakistan The opposition has been harsh on the project to expand the metrobus, which is among the promises of the new prime minister, Sharif. Turkey supported Metrobus project 400 million dollars in alleged corruption Metrobus debate in Pakistan [more…]