Revolution in Bursa

Revolution in Bursa access: CHP Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Necati Å ahin, the first issues that will come first when they arrive at the meeting, stating that the mass transportation and traffic at the beginning of Bursa's main issues came. m and traffic will be said.
CHP Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Candidate Necati Å, the first issues of Bursa, the mass transportation and traffic at the beginning of the stating that, when they come to the first hand to reach the topic will be the traffic and traffic sà CH I ¶yle. Noting that Bursaray is not used efficiently, Ånin noted that the expeditions will be carried out by 10 minutes apart, not 2.5.
As part of the election studies, with the citizens at the bus and tram stops in Altıparmak and Heykel sohbet Necati Şahin, who distributed brochures about their projects, emphasized that what Bursa residents want is a comfortable and peaceful life and easy, cheap, safe and comfortable transportation.
Noting that public transportation in Bursa is not at the desired efficiency and the T1 tram line brings many problems in traffic, Şahin said, “The tram can go at an ant speed due to the congestion in traffic. If you run, you will take a tour on the tram. Public transportation must go underground in the city. When we take office, we will undertake public transportation. The tram was brought to the agenda as 'we are realizing a 100-year dream' regardless of today's conditions, ”he said.
Uh, they said:
The n100 k has been struck by the trolley envisioned for the previous year in Bursa, the number of 2 million of which have survived the present day. mã¼? It lives only through the nostalgia of the pre-100 year, so it goes like a toy train in the city. From now on, the plans for transportation should be made by calculating 100 after the year. Collective urban transport is under ground. We plan and implement them.
Bursa's problem with the east-west axis is problematic, indicating that the problem is the spiral lines covering the north and the south, the SkyTrain model in some cities of Europe has also come to life in Bursa. Reported. In fact, the â € œSkyTrain is a transportation tool that has the latest technology, due to the less cost of expropriation due to going through existing roads. With the new spiral lines we have prepared, we will wrap Bursa in a spiral-like manner with DNA spiral in bulk access and we will be looking at Turkey in this regard, Haz he said.
The candidate of the Grand National Assembly of the Republican People's Party (CHP) Necati Å, stated that they will draw up the collapse of Bursaray, which caused the complaints of the city because of the fishing route. Under the conditions that will increase the number of expeditions along with new lines that will go underground, â € edenSefers will be one minute per minute and 10 will be replaced by 2.5 minutes. Thus, we will increase the capacity of Bursayas now working with the capacity of 25. As in the water, we will also make it possible to reach our citizens in half time with discounts and provide a cheap and cheap access to our citizens, Ÿ he said.

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