Prison sent to those who parked on the tram line in Bursa

Those who park on the tram line in Bursa are sentenced to prison: In Bursa, the faulty parks built on the tram line, which was put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality last year, will be evaluated within the scope of the TCK, and those who make faulty parking will be tried with a prison sentence of 1 to 6 years.

In order to extend the use of public transportation vehicles in Bursa, the Sculpture-Garage tram line, named as T1, has become one of the most important means of transportation in a short time and an important step has been taken in order to prevent the erroneous parks on the line. Subject to the judgment by Burulaş, 4 and 13'in the Criminal Court of First Instance, the decision taken on the T1 Tram Line, deliberate and taxpayer committed, TCK's 'Crime of Traffic Safety' was committed by counting. In line with this decision, the person or persons who committed the crime can now be tried for a prison sentence from 1 to 6 years.

They're endangering people's lives

Reminding that the braking and stopping distance of the tram is longer than the wheeled vehicles, Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy said, “Therefore, drivers of cars parked on the railway line; It endangers the property and lives of both themselves and third parties by parking their vehicles on transit, arrival, departure or landing routes. According to the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), this situation is considered to be a crime of 'endangering traffic safety', and it is seen as a crime that can be committed both intentionally and negligently.

Levent Fidansoy, who stated that they, as Burulaş, frequently informed the citizens about not parking on the T1 Tram line, said, “We gave information on the T1 Tram line with warning signs and many flyers at the point that drivers do not park their vehicles. However, despite all these warnings and information, we observed that the park, which was built on the line, has been increasing. As a result of this, as Burulaş, we decided to apply to the legal authorities on this issue, which we approached with sensitivity due to the concern of the people's life and property safety, and we filed several criminal complaints to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor ”.

Sensitivity are welcome

Pointing out that the criminal complaints made were justified by the 4th and 13th Criminal Courts of First Instance, Fidansoy said, “With the decision of these courts, parking on the Silkworm line; "The crime of endangering traffic safety, committed intentionally and negligently, was sentenced and the drivers of the vehicles were fined by the relevant authorities."

Fidansoy said, “Our citizens should show the necessary sensitivity to this issue and avoid these behaviors. Otherwise, they should not forget that they can be punished up to prison for the crime of endangering traffic safety, apart from the material or moral damages they cause both to the society and to themselves, ”he said.

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