Passengers from Crimea are not satisfied with the rail bus

Crimean Passengers, dissatisfied with rail bus
Crimean passengers are dissatisfied with the reason that few passengers were taken from the rail bus, which went into service in October, and it was difficult to find a place.
The rail bus, which will allow a comfortable journey, was purchased from Poland for 2,5 million dollars. The Crimean Autonomous Republic and the Ukrainian State Railways shared the financing of the rail bus in half.
In other words, the rail bus was put on the Kefe- Canköy-Armenian Sunday (Armyansk) expedition. The same rail bus, before the Islamic Terek (Kirovskoye) -Kefe expedition at the site of the train called Volna (Wave) began to be used.
According to the information given by, the news site of the Kefe Municipality Council, passengers complain that the rail bus is comfortable, especially during the rush hours of the passenger traffic. Arsen, who lives in Islam Terek, said, “While the number of seats is 91, the number of passengers on board is 200. Passengers cannot get on the rail bus and have to take the minibus to avoid being late for work. Whether it's the old car, but each pouch has room, it's better that way. Of course, this train is new, beautiful, but at least 3 more wagons should be built.
Passengers, the bus on the corridor is narrow, so people who carry bags on the bag is not allowed to ride the bus for many shopping among people who are going to the market and heavy bags are returned to people, he says. Passengers complain that access to Kefe is getting harder with the introduction of the new rail bus.

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