Hijaz Railway Exhibition Opening

The Hicaz Railway exhibition, which was previously exhibited in Kastamonu Municipality with its documents, is reopening upon popular demand from the public. It is planned to open at Mustafa Kaya Anatolian High School in Kastamonu on April 14. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Guide to using Metrobus

Metrobus, which is in our lives, provides us important advantages in transportation. We cannot deny this, but it is debatable how comfortable our journey is, while our arrival time is shorter. [more…]


Environmentally friendly buses to Gaziantep

A protocol signing ceremony was held for 80 environmentally friendly buses that Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality bought from MAN and OTOKAR companies. In the signing ceremony held in the foyer of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall, [more…]

Intercity Railways

Public transportation deadlock

The most important problem after unemployment in the city center, which is approaching 2 million. The problem in public transportation is also the second most important in the “Citizenship Report” survey conducted by the Adana City Council. [more…]