Rail System Auctions

Rail System Tenders: Rail system tenders are scanned daily and published in our web site groups for information purposes. RAYHABERInvestments Magazine in Turkey depending on our agreement 1 [more…]

34 Istanbul

IMM to TCDD Haydarpasa veto

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council did not allow the right of zoning that TCDD requested due to the loss of rights it faced in Haydarpaşa Port due to Highway Tube Crossing. TCDD, “Bosphorus Highway Crossing [more…]


Railway to Çorum

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Suat Kılıç, that the Ankara-Çorum-Samsun railway project, which will reduce the existing 900 km railway line, known as the Ankara-Samsun railway, to 400 kilometers, has been completed. [more…]


TCDD liked

TCDD Train Station Park 's like I Darıca Mayor Şükrü Karabacak found in the examination of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 1 Regional Director Hasan Warrant at breakfast [more…]