YHT stress on Kocaeli Beach Road

The shortage of the High Speed ​​Train YHT ground excavation and line laying works, which are mainly ongoing in the İzmit Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Beach road section, continues. During the excavation works, the contractor firm will demolish the garden walls of the surrounding buildings, will enter the private property areas. [more…]


Ray Thieves Caught in Siirt

In the Kurtalan district of Siirt, 6 people who allegedly stole the train rail were detained. In the statement made by the Siirt Governorship, the Kurtalan District Gendarmerie Command teams reported that the train rail anchors belonging to the State Railways (DDY) were stolen. In the statement, [more…]


TCDD 321 Supply of Spare Parts

TCDD 321 Item Spare Material WILL BE PURCHASED TO BE USED IN THE MAINTENANCE-REPAIR AND REVISIONS OF DMU TRAIN SETS SERVING IN OUR CORPORATION PARK From TCDD General Directorate: Tender Registration No: 2012/178312 1- Administration: a) Address: TCDD General Directorate b) [more…]


Investor to pay money to state | Marmaray

Investor to pay government money | Marmaray Those whose real estate has increased in value thanks to large infrastructure investments such as the third bridge, the third airport, Marmaray, and the metro will pay 45 percent of the increased value to the state and municipalities. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization can only [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made a tram statement

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that the reason for not starting tram projects is not due to deficiencies or deficiencies, but rather to be taken from abroad to be cheaper and borrowing time to be evaluated for longer loan opportunities. In the statement, “5 of the Transport Master Plan [more…]


She has no choice at the train

There is no right to choose for women in the train State Railways, which is progressing step by step towards the modernization of 2023 billion dollars, which it plans to make until 45, has failed in ticket sales. Online sales have the right to choose a place for men, not women. In the train [more…]


Job Advert: TCDD Denizli Railway Station

TCDD Denizli Station Chief Train Establishment Worker Procurement Notice This labor force request has been announced from İŞKUR's DENİZLİ LABOR AND LABOR OFFICE PROVINCIAL DIRECTORATE. TCDDY STATE RAILWAYS STATION DIRECTORATE Application Deadline: 07 December [more…]


Mersin Transportation Center Logistics Center

Mersin Transporters Site Surrounding Countries for Logistics Centers Mersin Transporters 'Site' in tradesmen who met Governor of Mersin, Mersin Transporters 'Site' s stressed that only Mersin and a logistics center in the neighboring countries are not in Turkey. [more…]


Leaving the Railway or Insulting Cities

Leaving or Denigrating Cities on the Railway Erzincan-Trabzon Railway is of vital importance for both Trabzon and our region… It is believed that it will be the locomotive of development or the historical Silk Road. Since Erzincan-Trabzon will not start before Trabzon-Batumi is over, there is only one [more…]