Odemis-Izmir train made the train hit the car 1 injured

The train running the Izmir-Ödemiş flight hit the car 1 injured: The driver of the car, who was stated to have entered the level crossing carelessly in Izmir, despite warnings, was injured when the passenger train on the Ödemiş-Izmir flight hit the car.

The driver of the car, 42-year-old Ismail Cankara, who was stated to have entered the level crossing in an uncontrolled manner despite the official's warning in Ödemiş District of Izmir, was injured when the train hit the car.

The accident occurred today at 05.20 at the level crossing in Üçeylül District. The passenger train, which made the Ödemiş-İzmir flight, crashed into the 42 M 35 plate car under the direction of 1630-year-old İsmail Cankara, who allegedly entered the level crossing uncontrolled despite the official's warning.

The car was dragged 10 meters in front of the train. Those who saw the accident reported to the health and police teams. Upon the notice, the medical teams who came to the accident site took the injured driver Cankara to Ödemiş State Hospital by ambulance. It was learned that Cankara, who was taken into treatment, was in good health.

After the investigation on the scene of the accident, the car was removed with a tow truck. Even though the train was delayed for an hour, it continued. Police launched an investigation into the accident.

Günceleme: 01/01/2020 10:00

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