01 Adana

Metro wagons working at a loss in Adana

Metro wagons are working at a loss in Adana It has always been mentioned with criticism from the day it was started to be built. The ever-increasing costs, claims to technical equipment and the wrong route selection have been written a lot since day one. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus line of passengers on the action

Metrobüs line of passengers on the action Metrobus line passengers in Istanbul made the action. Passengers who can not ride the metrobus for hours due to the crowded metrobuses, CevizliMetrobus bus stop at vineyard stop. Action, as well as those waiting at the stop [more…]

30 Greece

Atinada rail system stopped for 24 hours

The rail system in Athens stopped. Metro and trains in Athens stopped with a 24-hour strike against the Greek government, which accepted the destructions imposed by the troika and prepared a budget cut. By accepting the imposition of the troika by the Greek government [more…]