School service in Egypt collided with train 49 got dead

School service in Egypt collided by train
In Egypt this morning, the school bus collided with the train. Most children in the accident occurred 49 people lost their lives.
A train in the town of Asyut in southern Egypt collided with a school bus carrying school students. In the accident between the ages of four to six 49 children died close to the child was announced. When the train approached the safety barrier was not closed, so the school bus, moving on the railroads, collided with the train.
It was decided that the Minister of Transport Textin Mustafa Kinavi had been resigned because of his responsibility in the accident and that he had presented his resignation.
Mursi accepts Textini's resignation
In a statement from the Egyptian Presidency, President Mohammed Morsi accepted the resignation of the text of the Minister of Transport, and ordered the completion of the necessary investigations immediately to punish those responsible.
Davutoglu conveys his condolences
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammad Kamil Amr and Egyptian officials at breakfast in Cairo. Davutoglu, Turkey's message of condolence due to train accidents in Egypt.
Governor's investigation was launched on the incident.

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