The story of a metrobus

They said fast transportation, they said they would go from Zincirlikuyu to Avcılar in 20 minutes without traffic and they put the metrobus in our lives. There were glitches, accidents, but we still could not give up the "super" means of transportation. People created intense crowds at metrobus stops, as if they were distributing free bread in front of them as they stopped pushed each other. But we still couldn't give up.
For the last two or three weeks there has been a problem with the metrobus. Either they arrive late or three BRTs are waiting in the entrance. When this happens, a crowd of people is formed and the vehicle is not enough for the crowd. Today at the end of the explosion to the point I went to talk to the chief and I asked the reason why you have to wait so long. The answer is that people always come at the same time. So I told him this whole day of disgrace. Of course, it is not their fault that people are intensifying, and the author produced an excuse that has no tangible side in the form of yetkili There is no match ı. It's my seventy-year-old grandmother. No one eats this excuse, I haven't eaten. Olarak Please pass on this problem to the required places, let's find a solution u, as a polite citizen. "Solution to remove the BRT," he made a statement.
So far, everything's normal, right? When I turned around and started walking, until I heard a shout "Come on towards E-5." Did the miniskirt on me dare to say it, or did I decide the style of the state elders yet?
If the officer of the state to the woman "Let E-5'e ..." what should you expect from the rulers of the class?

Source: Truth


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