Assoc. Dr. Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR Academic Studies

Assoc. Dr. Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR was born in Ankara in 1972. He graduated from Gazi University, City and Regional Planning Department in 1993. In 1996, he completed the METU Regional Planning Master's Program. Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR, who works on transportation planning and traffic engineering, completed her doctorate in 1999 at Vienna Technical University in Austria, where she went with a YÖK scholarship in 2003. In 2010, he went to Austria with a YÖK scholarship, and did post-doctoral studies at the Vienna Technical University. He is still a faculty member at Gazi University.


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Coordination with the Management, Board and Commission

  • "Sustainability, Global Change and Ecosystems" thematic area coordinator
  • Energy "," Environment "and" Transport "thematic areas
  • "Transport" thematic area coordinator

Courses and Thesis Management

Thesis Management

  • Effects of Highway Transportation on Air Pollution and Solutions
  • Road Safety of Individuals with Mentally Handicapped
  • Adopted Approaches in Urban Transportation Planning Study in Turkey; Problems and Suggestions
  • Effects of Raw Material Transportation on Roadways from Production Centers
  • Bike Transportation-Planning and Implementation Process in Konya
  • Investigation of Alternative Combined Transport Systems for Road Freight Transportation in Marmara Region

Post-Graduate Scholarship

  • Vienna University of Technology (1 September 2010) - (31 December 2010)

Foreign language

Book and Editorial


  • Ebru Vesile Ocalir, Ozge Yalciner Ercoskun and Rifat Tur. (2011). “A Decision Support System (FMOTS) for Location Decision of Taxicab Stands”, in: Efficient Decision Support Systems - Practice and Challenges in Multidisciplinary Domains, Ed.:Chiang Jao. A team of professionals working in a business environment. Business management, social responsibility, environmental management, business management, financial management, environmental management, environmental management This book series is composed of three volumes: Volume 1; Volume 2 of the applications of DSSs in the biomedical domain; Volume 3 is a hybrid of applications in DSSs in multidisciplinary domains. - - - - - - - (-) - (-) - - - - (-) - - - - - - - (-) - (-) - - - - - - - (-) - - - - - - - - 3 - terms of knowledge. Croatia. InTech.
  • Hermann Knoflacher, Ebru Vesile Ocalir. (2011). “Eco-methodology for urban and transport planning for the future eco-technology”, Green and Ecological Technologies for Urban Planning: Creating Smart Cities, Ed.Ozge Yalciner Ercoskun. Green and Ecological Technologies for Urban Planning: Creating Smart Cities - with a focus on resilience. It is a research project that aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, trends, and concepts of research. IGI Global.


  • BIOMASS & BIOENERGY, A GIS-based method for identifying the optimal biology of biomass
  • Planning, Evaluations on Urban Transportation Planning in Turkey


Articles Scanned by SCI, SCI-EXP., SSCI, AHCI

  • Kaya Mert, Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR (2010). BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION: THE COMPARISON OF PLANNING AND APPLICATION PROCESSES. METU Faculty of Architecture Journal, 27: 1 (223-240).
  • Ebru Vesile OCALIR, Ozge YALCINER ERCOSKUN, Rifat TUR (2010). An integrated model of GIS and fuzzy logic (FMOTS). Expert Systems with Applications, 37: 7 (4892-4901).
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  • Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR and Hermann KNOFLACHER (2008). The Effects of Transportation Types on Energy Use and Spatial Structure in Ankara. Gazi University Journal of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture , 23 / 3 (611-617).

Articles Tagged with Other Indexes

  • Ebru Vesile Yildiz (2005). Cleared Settlements from the Vehicle: Example of Vienna-Floridsdorf (Austria). Gazi University Journal of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, 537 (548).

Articles Published in Artistic Journals

Serhan KARABULUT, Ebru Vesile ÖCALIR, H.Fatoş (GÜR) AKINOĞLU (2010). Road Safety of Individuals with Mental Disabilities. THE JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCES(12: 1) (81-103).

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